What is Arteriosclerosis?

If you’re curious on what is arteriosclerosis then by the time you’re finished with this article you’re going to know what causes this ailment, the dangers to it, how to prevent it, and some good ideas to cure it.

Arteriosclerosis comes from the greek word athero (which means paste or gruel) and sclerosis (which means hardness).

The human body runs off the heart muscle. The muscle pumps or pushes red blood that has oxygen through a network of arteries to organs that use the oxygen to function. Blue blood goes through a system of veins to the lungs where they get oxygen, and arrive back at the heart to get pumped.

Now imagine if there was some blockage in a tunnel, or maybe the tunnel was very thin in one section? This is arteriosclerosis and hardening of the arteries.

As you can imagine it’s not very good, and can lead to unpleasant chest pains. It can also bring about abnormal and strange heart rhythms. This has an affect such as dizziness, fainting and sudden weakness.

The biggest dangers has to do with the fact that it restricts blood flow to organs that need it. Since oxygen is life this can weaken them. Ultimately the worst case scenario is when this plaque becomes inflamed, suddenly activating clotting, leading to obstruction.

Can you guess what happens next? Yep, either a heart attack or a stroke happens. If blood can’t get to the brain a stroke occurs and if it can’t reach the heart then a heart attack happens, which is the leading cause of death in the United States.

This type of health ailment has been around for centuries, but the word arteriosclerosis only became known in the 20th Century.

In 1868 a person named George Johnson described in his review about brights disease, the stiffening of arteries. Bright’s disease is really a problem with someone’s kidneys, where there is inflammation. Then two other scientists named Gull and Sutton went on to name the health problem arteriosclerosis.

Your most likely wondering how someone gets hardened arteries, so you can avoid them. The brightest minds in the health industry don’t know exactly how to prevent this problem, but they do have some good ideas.

For example, not smoking cigarettes can help. Tobacco lowers a person’s good cholesterol HDL and raises the bad stuff called LDL, which increases the chance of blockage. Also the chemicals in tobacco damage the endothelium, which is a thin layer of cells that line blood vessels. When it gets damaged it sets the stage for plaque buildup.

Another idea would be to exercise more. In the simplest terms exercise helps improve blood flow which not only helps prevent heart disease, but is great for stamina, a person’s sex life and much more.

Also, one of the best ways to prevent hardened arteries would be to take certain supplements. They can provide a ton of advantages, but there are some risks that you should be aware of. For example manufactures in many countries including the U.S. do not have to prove that their use is effective or even safe.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatments

You will be happy to know that there are a variety of great rheumatoid arthritis treatments. By the end of this article you will know various treatments for dealing with this ailment, some dangers to avoid and even some ideas on how to get these solutions.

In this simplest explanation rheumatoid arthritis is when someone’s joints get inflamed due to the immune system attacking them. Unfortunately, this ailment is actually a chronic disease and this means it cannot be cured, but there are a few things someone can do to ease the pain and slow the deterioration.

If you do go to a medical doctor and are told that you have this health problem, can you guess what the first thing the doctor is going to do? Yep, your right the M.D. will probably prescribe some prescription drugs. Can you guess what the problem with these drugs are?

All anti-inflammatory drugs increase the chance of heart disease, a stroke, raise blood pressure and can damage the stomach and your health.

Another option your physician may recommend is to see a physical therapist to improve flexibility and strength. This is actually the option that I think is really good. Your muscles are attached to joints so when you improve your muscles you improve your joints.

As a last resort your doctor may suggest a surgical procedure to stop the damage that your immune system is doing. This could include repairing the tendons, realigning joints or even a complete joint replacement, by installing a prosthetic part.

Outside of hospitals and medical doctors there are a few alternative treatments that could be worth checking out. Have you ever heard of something called turmeric or curcumin? It’s a yellowish orange powder that is very popular in India. Studies with animals have confirmed that it reduces inflammation and protects joints.

The next therapy is something called fish oil or krill oil, which you might have been guessing that I would list. The difference between the two is that krill are usually smaller and could be believed to have less mercury. The truth is krill oil is usually more expensive and it really depends on the manufacturing to determine how much mercury there is.

This type of oil has lots of omega 3, which not only helps fight inflammation, but does so many wonderful things that I really don’t have time to list them all.

The next alternative treatment I’m going to list is the second most popular beverage in the world and can you guess what that is? You nailed it, and it’s green tea. Scientists believe that this stuff has ingredients to protect joints, reduce inflammation and reduce the things that harm joints.

Sounds good right? What is even better is green tea provides so many advantages that I drink it daily.

The easiest way to get many of these alternative treatments is with some type of dietary supplement. There are many advantages to supplements, such as they are easy to take and can be tremendously helpful. The disadvantages are that they can be confusing, hard to shop for and it’s easy for companies to make crummy products that do more harm than good.

What if I could help with the disadvantages to buying supplements by making them easier to shop for and teaching you how to identify the crummy products? Would that interest you?

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Diet for Arthritis

In this article I’m going to share the most ideal diet for arthritis to minimize pain, improve health and flexibility. I’m also going to introduce some interesting herbal supplements that can be of aid and other concepts that can be of help.

Arthritis really just means joint inflammation and covers over a hundred different medical conditions. Contrary to what some people believe cracking your knuckles or joints does not lead to this ailment.

What does cause this health problem could be an illness, an injury, old age or a number of other factors that someone may not have control over.
So what do you do when you have arthritis? Excellent question and I’m glad you were thinking about it. Since we know that arthritis has to do with inflammation, we should avoid foods that encourage this and eat foods that reduce inflammation.

I’m going to bet that you have heard about omega 3’s and how they can help. Well, if you haven’t then they do help, which is why fish oil can be a great tool for this health problem.

This means that nuts, fish, and flaxseeds can all be great foods to eat to lessen the pain with arthritis.

Another great tool is something called antioxidants that stop free radical damage. In a nutshell free radicals can cause damage, which causes inflammation. Berries, vegetables and fruits all have lots of antioxidants that can be of great help.

Lastly whole grains, beans and brown rice can all be very helpful.

Now the real key is avoiding all the tempting foods that we get advertised to every day. It sounds really easy on paper, but we both know that it’s not easy at all.

As you can probably guess stuff like saturated fats and too much sugar can all increase inflammation. Some examples of these foods could include bacon, hot dogs, burgers, salami, pepperoni, cheese, and pork.

Hey, I know some of those foods taste great and don’t get angry at me I’m just a messenger. Next avoid trans fats because they are very horrible to someone’s health. Instead of healthy fats getting used in cells trans fats get used, which are much weaker.

Refined carbohydrates like white bread, white rice, rolls, donuts are not the best choice.

Now besides a diet there is one idea that you could do right now to help ease the symptoms of arthritis and that would be to do strength training. The reason lifting weights could help is because when someone strengthens muscles they strengthen the joints right next to them. When joints get strengthened it helps with arthritis.

Next up let’s talk herbal supplements. Regardless of what you think about supplements the fact is that they can be extremely helpful. One supplement that I’m sure your away of that can be of help is krill oil or fish oil. You get the omega 3 and the awesome thing is that you don’t get the free radicals of consuming fish or krill.

Next up is a multi-vitamin and that is because a multi-vitamin has antioxidants and good stuff. Lastly is something called green lipid muscle powder, which you probably are not too familiar with. What is fascinating is that this stuff comes from new Zealand and in the country arthritis is rare because many people eat green lipid muscle powder.

Now that you know the tools to truly help you with this disease, one problem that you may experience would be how to find some of the supplements that could help, or which ones to pick. Supplements can be tremendously helpful and of course they can be frustrating and even counterproductive.
The truth is that companies don’t even have to prove that a product is safe before selling it.

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Diet for Arthritis

Are you interested in what the perfect diet for someone who has arthritis is to reduce inflammation and pain? By the end of this article you’re going to have a good idea on what foods someone should avoid and what to eat.

In a nutshell arthritis has to do with inflammation in the joints. Something is wrong with the joints and exactly what determines what type of arthritis someone has. Basically eat foods that reduce inflammation and avoid foods that increase inflammation.

Ok, that is the end of the article you can stop reading now. Oh, you might be wondering exactly what foods to eat as well as other things you can do to prevent the pain and misery with this ailment.

First, let’s go over what are some things someone can do to avoid inflammation. Can you guess what the worst type of food to eat would be? I’ll give you a hint it’s man made. Tran’s fats are really bad and the reason is because instead of healthy fats getting used in cell membranes this stuff is used, which is weaker.

The cell is more likely to have problems resulting in all kinds of bad stuff like cancer, saggy skin and inflammation.

Plus it raises bad cholesterol and lowers the good HDL cholesterol. The reason it promotes inflammation is because it causes damage. Inflammation is the body’s response to heal, but ends up causing damage like collateral damage.

It’s the main cause of pain for arthritis; it’s the swelling with an injury and redness with a pimple.

Sugar of course is another culprit because it’s sticky and can stick to cells. It can alter the cell and create ailments. Other foods to avoid would be processed foods, dairy products, artificial food processors, red meat, and excess alcohol.

You might be feeling a little depressed right now because there is a lot of good food on that list, but the good news is that there are some foods to eat that actually help with arthritis.

One thing you can do, which is really easy would be to go out and buy some turmeric spice, which gives curcumin its yellow color.

The yellow pigment in curcumin blocks several inflammatory chemicals and what is awesome is that you can sprinkle it on any type of food you want.

As you can already probably guess eating omega 3 would be very helpful. This includes some fish, nuts and flaxseeds. A study in a women’s hospital in Boston has revealed that omega 3 has something called resolvins and this is what helps with inflammation.

Another thing to try would be a Mediterranean diet including, fish, vegetables, olive oil and whole wheat. A Swedish study in 2003 discovered that people that ate this type of diet had improved physical functions compared to people that didn’t.

Other ideas would be to eat berries, lose weight and lift weights. The theory with lifting weights is that muscles are attached to joints and by strengthening the muscles someone can strengthen the joints.

Besides food there are several great supplements someone can take such as fish oil or green lipid mussel powder. If you’re going to take a supplement I would endorse getting education about the industry.

The reason why is because in many countries it’s very loosely regulated and companies don’t even have to ensure a product is safe before selling it.

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Alpha Lipoic Acid and Collagen

Alpha lipoic acid plays a very interesting role in the development of collagen. To assist you in understanding what collagen is and what it does picture a brick house and now imagine there is no cement.

The cement is the collagen that holds the house up and without it there would be no house. Here is another example on how critical this substance is to us humans. The substance that is making your skin firm so it doesn’t sag is collagen.

As we get older collagen production slows down and this is a big reason why the elderly have saggy skin and more wrinkles. This material is what is known as a protein and makes up 25% to 35% of all the protein in the human body.

It’s found in the skins, bones, blood vessels and even the digestive system. Now if you’re a woman than for sure you probably don’t like the idea of saggy skin but us guys don’t really care about our looks as much.

Heck, Clint Eastwood the ultimate male role model has saggy skin right? Besides keeping skin firm it also helps with the immune system since the skin is the first line of defense.

This material assists with stopping deadly bacteria and viruses from penetrating the human body. It also battles cancerous cells and environmental toxins.

So we know that collagen gets weaker with age and you might be wondering what can we do to strengthen this protein or maybe grow it?

Something known as alpha lipoic acid can be of aid. Now alpha lipoic acid is an antioxidant that is created in every cell of the human body and its job is to take blood sugar and turn it into usable energy.

Antioxidants are incredibly helpful and eliminating blood sugar is even more helpful because sugar in the blood stream causes all kinds of problems.
I’ll share just one more incredible fact about this antioxidant because it’s really amazing and that is that it can cross the brain barrier and protect the brain from all kinds of damage.

One of the ways that alpha lipoic acid helps the skin and collagen is with its antioxidant properties. Antioxidants stop the damage of free radicals and puts less stress and pressure on the skin sort of like an extra barrier.

ALA which is the lazy way of saying alpha lipoic acid actually creates enzymes that kill and dispense the damaged and scarred collagen so new and stronger ones can grow. Go back and read that last sentence I wrote because that is some powerful stuff.

ALA is also known for increasing the production of glutathione that removes poisons that get stuck in collagen. The cool thing is that we all make ALA in our cells but the bad news is that the older we get the less of the material we create.

The best way to get ALA is by eating meats. Muscles that would have to work the hardest say like the heart will contain the most of this antioxidant. If you’re a vegetarian don’t be sad because you can easily get this helpful substance from a supplement.

There are thousands and thousands of choices for supplements and they all claim to work miracles so how do you choose the best one? The answer lies on getting a little educated about the industry so you not only get a good deal but get one that is safe.

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Olive Leaf and Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition in which someone has weak bones and olive leaf is a natural solution that can help in a few ways that might surprise you.

So how does someone get osteoporosis? Well, the bones need certain nutrients to function properly just like every other major part in the human body. Some examples of this would be calcium of course, phosphorus and a few other minerals. When these bones don’t get these supplies they become weaker and are more prone to snap like a twig.

That was sort of a painful analogy wasn’t it? What is interesting is that some people have a higher chance for this. Women for example are much more likely to get this health condition than men. In fact nearly 70% of all the people with the greatest risk of osteoporosis are woman. For starters females start out of the gate with lower bone density than males.

Before a woman reaches 80 she will lose 1/3rd of her hip bone structure compared to 25% in men. Also as woman reach menopause their ability to create oestrogen diminishes.

Oestrogen is also important for creating strong bones. Another very interesting thing is that people with Caucasian or Asian ethnicity are more likely to experience this problem than African Americans or Hispanics.

So we all know that osteoporosis just plain stinks. One last point I would like to make on how horrible this condition is regards falling down. Senior citizens have a higher chance of falling down than any other unintentional injury and this can be very deadly with someone with weak bones.

Ok so now we get to talk about the fun stuff on how to prevent someone from having weak bones and how to make them as strong as steel. One major strategy would be to consume calcium from a supplement, milk, cheese, yogurt or any other dairy product. Multi-vitamins can help as well and of course olive leaf.

Olive leaf comes from the olive tree which has been used ever since humans have been carrying clubs and grunting. It has been referenced many times through history from the bird giving Noah an olive branch in the Holy Bible to being used in the Olympic Games. It’s mostly known for its healing properties for improving the immune system.

How it helps with osteoporosis and weak bones is that it has antioxidants and anti-bacterial compounds that prevent damage.

By preventing harm to bone structure olive leaf can play a role in maintaining bone strength. Studies have also found that the ingredients in olive leaf can improve bone structure and make them stronger. More studies are needed but it is promising that olive leaf can help with bone strength.

One of the best ways to get olive leaf extract is through a supplement. Now before you go out and purchase the first product you see there is some important information you should know. The fact is supplements can be harmful.

Yep, many of them get recalled for their dangers and you really should know what to look for. I recommend viewing a free eBook that can show someone how to identify a good brand from a dangerous one.

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