Atrial Fibrillation Triggers – 3 of the Big Risk Factors

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Today I’m going to share with you 3 of the most common atrial fibrillation triggers. If you had to guess what do you think is the most important muscle in the human body? Probably the heart right? Without the heart, blood can’t get pumped to deliver oxygen and nutrients to organs and they would die. When someone has atrial fibrillation or AF for short, their heart pumps too fast and this can be unhealthy for a few reasons.

One of the big dangers is that it can create a blood clot. If the blood clot reaches the brain it can stop blood flow and this results in a stroke. Other dangers could be heart disease, fatigue, dizziness, chest pains and shortness of breath.

Even though humans have made so many discoveries on how the body operates, some things such as the exact cause of this condition still remain a mystery. The good news is that as a species we do know a few of the major risk factors for AF.

One of the big risk factors is heart disease. According to a study by the American Heart Association when a patient has heart failure it increases the chance of atrial fibrillation. If a patient has mild heart failure there is a 5% chance of them getting atrial fibrillation. If it’s a moderate heart failure it can lead to a 10-25% chance of them getting this ailment. If it’s severe they may have a 50% chance of getting atrial fibrillation.

Another culprit would be high blood pressure. The big danger with high blood pressure is that it can be a silent killer and often doesn’t produce any symptoms. According to Dr. Michael Roizen who is the chief wellness officer at the Cleveland Clinic, he is also popular on the Dr. Oz Show

high blood pressure triggers changes to the heart’s structure that makes it more likely to cause rapid, erratic heart beats. Also some experts feel that unhealthy blood pressure is the single biggest risk factor for Atrial Fibrillation.

The last huge risk factor to this disease is going to be age. According to the American Heart Association age is the single biggest risk factor for this condition. The reason for this is because the older someone gets the higher the chance of heart disease, and many other problems that can contribute to atrial fibrillation.

To sum everything up atrial fibrillation is when the heart beats too quickly and can cause blood clots, chest pains, fatigue and dizziness. Three big risk factors that cause this condition would be heart disease, high blood pressure and old age.

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Afib Remedy

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Today I’m going to be sharing with you the most popular afib remedy involving both traditional ideas and alternative medicine. In your body right now you have a very important fluid that brings organs nutrients and eliminates waste. Do you know what this fluid is? Yes, it is blood. In order for this blood to move it needs a pump and that job goes to the heart muscle. What controls the pumping of the heart is an electrical system. If this electrical system doesn’t work properly it can cause an abnormal heart beat and this is known as atrial fibrillation or afib for short.

As you can imagine this can cause all kinds of problems. One danger that you may not be aware of is it could manufacture blood clots, which might raise the chance of a stroke. Medical doctors will usually recommend drugs that can lower the chance of these blood clots. Apart from drugs there are different plant based medicine that can also help. A few examples of these herbs might include ginkgo biliba, ginger and garlic. The good news about the herbs is they can be less expensive, not give off the harmful side effects or free radicals as the drugs. Plus herbal remedies can help in other areas, such as the immune system.

Next medical doctors may prescribe drugs that slow the heart rate, so that it’s more normal. Apart from drugs slowing the heart rate did you know that you can do this right now? Find a quit area, take some deep breaths and concentrate on your breathing. The more you get relaxed the slower your heart will need to beat. You can try reading a good book, doing some light yoga or anything else that really relaxes you. The best part is that this idea is free, plus it can give additional health benefits and not the unwanted side effects or free radicals that the drugs will give. Additional a herb known as Hawthorne may be able to slow a person’s heart rate.

Next something called electrical cardioversion may be prescribed to assist someone in stabilizing their heart beat. This involves putting a person to sleep and then injecting them with low energy shocks to trigger a normal heart rhythm. Almost like reminding the heart muscle of the correct pace that it should be working at. Lastly, there is open heart surgery known as maze surgery, which comes with many risks. A surgeon makes tiny cuts in the atria and this could potentially stop the electrical energy that is causing the abnormal heart rhythms.

To sum everything up afib is when a person’s heart makes abnormal heart beats. One of the greatest dangers is the formation of blood clots that can cause a stroke. Prescription drugs can be used for this, as well as herbs like ginkgo biloba, ginger and garlic. Doctors may also prescribe drugs to slow the heart rhythm and additional ideas would be meditation, yoga, reading or anything else that relaxes someone. Medical doctors may also prescribe electrical cardioversion, which shocks your heart into a normal heart beat. Lastly there is maze surgery where cuts are made that may stop the disorganized electrical energy.

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Mitral Valve Prolapse Indicators

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Today I’m going to share the leading mitral valve prolapse indicators and the number 1 cause of it. Inside your body you have something that delivers oxygen and nutrients to organs and removes waste, do you know what this is? Yes, it’s blood and you need the heart to pump this blood. Blood flows into the hearts right chamber called the atrium to another chamber so it can be brought to the lungs. Once the blood gets the oxygen it goes back to the hearts left atrium and between the two chambers is the mitral valve.

This mitral valve is almost like a pair of swinging doors. When someone has mitral valve prolapse or MVP for short these doors don’t work properly and blood enters the rear atrium, where it is not supposed to go. The most common reason this takes place is due to a small growth of collagen on the outside of the mitral valve door.

Sometimes there are no indicators of this problem and the only way it’s discovered is through a stethoscope. A medical doctor then can sometimes hear a clicking noise, which is the valve closing. Another sound that may be heard is the blood that moves back to the atrium that it is not supposed to go.

Anytime something goes wrong in the human body there is usually one universal symptom and do you know what it is? Pain is a signal that you have a health problem and chest pain is a sign something may be wrong with the heart muscle. The heart could feel like it’s skipping a beat or perhaps beating very quickly.

You may be wondering what kind of health problems this causes right? MVP can bring about problems with blood flow that could cause shortness of breath. This is when someone feels they are not getting enough oxygen when they breath or they have trouble breathing. Another symptom might be fatigue, feeling light headed or not being able to think clearly.

The only way to truly know is to get an exam through a physician. This is just one reason why routine checkups can be so helpful, because they can help catch a problem before it happens.

To sum everything up the leading mitral valve prolapse indicators is a click and blood moving sound with a stethoscope. A person could feel chest pains, irregular and a faster heart beat. Other signs of this problem could be shortness of breath, fatigue, feeling light headed and not being able to think clearly. Usually this condition is caused by a small growth of collagen on the outside of this valve.

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Thrombosis warning signs With Easy Ideas To Prevent It!

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In this article I’m going to share with you the leading thrombosis warning signs and some ideas on how someone can prevent getting this disease. Imagine you’re out in the wilderness all by yourself and you cut your leg on a tree branch. If you don’t have a Band-Aid what is stopping you from bleeding to death? It’s the ability of your blood to clot up, and vitamin K is needed for this ability. Blood clotting is also needed for the immune system, so you don’t get sick.

There is a bad thing that could happen with blood clotting and do you know what it is? The downfall is that this blood clotting prevents blood flow and this is known as thrombosis. This ailment can lead to all kinds of health problems, such as heart disease and strokes.

One of the most common warning signs of this health problem is going to be pain in the area that the thrombosis is located. Another common sign is swelling. This is where the area gets larger, and it could be more reddish in color, as well as warmer. Also the skin could be pale, red or even bluish in color. Do you know what blue skin means? It’s when it doesn’t get enough oxygen.

A big risk factor with getting the ailment is stagnant blood. For example if someone is sitting down for prolonged periods of time or is bedridden it can increase the chance of this disease. Thanks to computers, cars and television this is really easy to do. One idea that really helps me if I’m sitting down for long periods of time at a computer is to set a timer for an hour. When the timer goes off I get up and walk around for a little bit. Other risk factors are smoking, obesity, high blood pressure and eating an unhealthy diet.

Apart from lifestyle choices there are tons of herbal remedies that can do great things with blood flow. If I made a list of all these herbs it would go on forever. A few ideas would be ginkgo biloba, cayenne, garlic and ginger.

To sum everything up the leading thrombosis warning signs are pain and swelling where the thrombosis is. The skin in the area could be warm, red, bluish or even pale in color. To prevent this problem a person could not avoid risk factors such as smoking, obesity, high blood pressure and eating an unhealthy diet. There are also many herbal remedies that improve blood flow such as ginkgo biloba, cayenne, garlic and ginger.

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Heart Problem Warning Signs

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Today I’m going to share with you some common heart problem warning signs with an idea that can save a life. In America there is one disease that tops the charts when it comes to killing people and do you know what it is? It is heart disease. Just like an automobile has a check engine light your body will usually let you know if there is a problem by providing you with warning signs.

By knowing the warning signs it can be a wake up call to change a few things and thus save a person’s life. The first warning signal, which is almost universal for a lot of health problems is pain. Pain lets you know that something isn’t working right or there is a problem. With heart problems the pain is usually felt in the chest area. Some people describe this pain as if something heavy was sitting on their chest. It could be a feeling of pressure as well as a squeezing sensation. It’s also important to know that chest pain could be something besides heart problems, such as heartburn. Heartburn takes places when stomach acid splashes up into the esophagus and the pain is near the heart.

Another warning sign is an irregular heart beat, especially if someone experiences shortness of breath, dizziness or weakness with the irregular heart beat. These are all signs of a heart problem and that not enough blood is getting to locations that need it. For example if not enough blood is reaching the brain a person can feel a little dizzy.

When a person has a heart problem the muscle has a more challenging time pumping blood to locations that need it. Another thing that happens is that blood can back up in the cardiovascular system. This can cause fluid to leak into the lungs resulting in breathing problems, such as shortness of breath. Next up when something is in the lungs such as fluid or mucus what other symptom do you think this produces? Yes, someone will probably cough to eliminate what is in their lungs. When a person has heart disease they might cough up a bloody mucus substance.

The first thing someone can do if they experience any of these warning signs is to take something that thins blood. Thin blood can help blood move and not get clogged up in the cardiovascular system. An example of this would be Aspirin, which according to WebMd slows blood clotting and decreases the size of blood clots that have been formed. Aspirin does have a negative effect and that is it can harm the stomach if taken daily.

To sum everything up the leading heart problem warning signs include pain in the chest area, an irregular heart beat, dizziness, shortness of breath, coughing. A person could take aspirin at the first sign of a heart problem and this could save their life.

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Congestive Heart Failure Indicators

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Today I’m going to share the top congestive heart failure indicators and some ideas to prevent this problem. Having car failure is bad, same thing with relationship failure, but heart failure is by far the worst.

Your body is made up of all these organs and cells that have different jobs and roles. Just like employees need cash to go to work these cells and organs need blood. Blood doesn’t have a mind of its own so it needs something to push it and that is the heart. With this condition the heart still works, but it’s like an employee working on a late Friday afternoon. It just doesn’t do that good of a job.

This is why some of the symptoms have to do with lack of energy or shortness of breath. Yes your mind also needs blood so if there is a little bit of failure with the heart can you guess what is going to happen? Yea, someone probably will have a harder time concentrating.

Also as the heart starts to slow down kidneys have a harder time doing their job and so fluid starts to build up in tissues. This could be swelling in the feet, angles, stomach area and some weight gain.
Next up a person could experience a faster heartbeat, it could be irregular and there could be some chest pains.

I know what you might be thinking and that is when should I see doctor. According to the American Heart Association if you feel severe weakness like you’re about to faint then it could be serious and you should see a doctor. Other potential serious signals could be a sudden severe shortness of breath and coughing up a pink fluid. Lastly would be chest pains and an unusual heartbeat. You probably should seek professional medical attention if you feel for a second that you have a serious health problem.

It’s also true that taking an aspirin if you feel any of these symptoms could save your life. Aspirin helps stop inflammation and blood clots, which helps blood flow better.

If you’re interested in preventing congestive heart failure it’s best to look at what causes it. Mostly this is high blood pressure, diabetes, being overweight and blockage with arteries. Making changes in your life such as not smoking tobacco, getting exercise, managing stress and eating healthier food can all reduce the odds of heart failure.

The next thing is drugs. Due to the fact heart disease is the number 1 killer just in the United States the amount of money being made through prescription drugs is huge. The bad news with the prescription medicine is that they can cost a lot of money, have side effects and create free radicals that cause damage.

The good news is that there are herbal remedies that can really help the heart that are safer, less expensive and don’t give off free radicals and bad side effects.

One idea is policosanol. In a study at the University of Bonn in Germany researchers tested this herb with people that had high cholesterol levels that clog up arteries. Scientists gave 10 to 20 mg a day to these patients and the results were amazing. It lowered total cholesterol by around 19 percent and LDL cholesterol by 24%.

To sum everything up the top signs of heart failure would be.

-Chest pains
-Irregular Heart Beat
-Trouble concentrating
-Flood build up in ankles, legs are stomach
-Shortness of breath
-Coughing up a pink fluid

To prevent this disease get enough exercise, manage stress, eat healthy food and take policosanol.


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Congestive Heart Failure Treatment

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Below I’m sharing with you a small number of key congestive heart malfunction solutions. Just in case you don’t know congestive heart failure takes place when the heart can’t push blood to the body organs that require it. The reason this is so undesirable is because blood equates to life since, your body organs rely on it.

Fortunately that there are much more treatment solutions for this kind of health issue than there are birds within the skies. Is it possible to guess exactly what the most typical sort of treatment is? If you guessed prescribed drugs then you’re winner, congratulations.

Sure prescription drugs could possibly help in a few instances, however overall I seriously feel that these kinds of products do more harm than good. To begin with there are the side effects. They alter the body, and give horrible free radicals. These free radicals not only can result in cancer, facial lines as well as aging, but do far more deterioration.

I really don’t understand the reason for repairing something simply to cause damage somewhere else. Then you look at simply how much income pharmaceutical companies generate off their prescription drugs, and you can realize why countless doctors push them.

Another typical therapy is merely altering a person’s lifestyle options. This might consist of reducing or quit smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes raises hypertension which can make it tougher for the heart to pump blood. What occurs is the pressure tends to make arterial blood vessels smaller mainly because it’s dealing with the pressure. Narrow blood vessels make it harder for the heart to move blood through.

Additionally cigarette smoking causes damage to arterial linings, decreases oxygen amounts inside the blood and even more. Another treatment choice could be a gym membership or getting more exercise. Physical fitness allows greater blood flow to blood vessels around your heart. Physical exercise even can make more branches and connections between blood vessels. Therefore if 1 path is blocked there’s another one which can be used, just like a side highway during a traffic jam.

Lastly if things become worse there’s surgery. At any time somebody opens up your body to manually alter things there exists a massive potential risk.

The ideal way to treat congestive heart failure would be to do it naturally. Alter your diet regime, get some physical exercise and perhaps sign up for several yoga lessons.

What you might not know is there are all sorts of herbal products in addition to nutritional supplements that could truly help. Not only can they be fantastic for your heart, but may do things like supercharge your immune system, help with muscle discomfort, your love-making talent, getting rest, keeping relaxed and lots more.

Locating these alternative remedies can be as challenging as finding a mine inside a minefield. Yes, I just returned from the nation of Cambodia, that has a lot of landmines and it’s not simple to discover them even with the most up-to-date technologies.

For that reason I launched a report as well as video guide about dietary supplements and also plant based medicine. It talks about how you can recognize and locate these types of nutritional supplements, exactly how to determine if one is unsafe, herbal treatments to avoid and a lot more.

Additionally it’s completely free, which means you don’t have anything to lose by checking it out. To view this free of charge guide simply click on the website link how herbal medicine can be helpful.


Signs that a Stroke will Take Place

In this post I’m going to share along with you most of the major signs that a stroke will take place in females in addition to men. I’ll additionally talk about how one gets a stroke, along with what an individual can do to prevent this from actually developing. Contrary to popular belief this illness is the number 4 explanation for dying in the U.S. and is the primary reason for a incurable disability. An individual may prevent a lot of this harm by just acquiring professional help inside the first 3-4 hours, nevertheless they need to know the outward symptoms.

Our bodies need blood to survive and whenever we don’t get it we cease to live. A stroke occurs simply when blood doesn’t reach the mind, and elements of the tissue dies.

This may occur in 1 of 2 ways. The 1st way is when a blood vessel in the human brain breaks and bleeding transpires and the technical name for this is an ischemic stroke. If there is a rupture in the blood vessel a particular person contains a 1 in 2 prospect of passing away. Even if they live there is a really good possibility they’re going to have irreversible brain damage.

The other way which is a lot more popular happens when obstruction builds up in a artery, and this is referred to as a hemorrhagic stroke. Practically 85% of strokes are usually hemorrhagic ones and really have a lot to do with cardiovascular health.

The medical community has put together an acronym that can help individuals remember the warning signs and it’s generally known as F.A.S.T. The F signifies face drooping. If a section of a person’s face is numb or droops then this might be due to a stroke. The A stands for arm weakness and a key warning sign is when a person is not able to lift their arm or it’s numb. Next is S, which is an acronym for speech trouble and occurs when someone has trouble conversing. Last but not least is T which is when it’s time to call 911.

Apart from these common symptoms there are a few that happen to be less traditional, and some professionals believe women experience these types of signs and symptoms 62 percent more frequently than men.

These non conventional warning signs incorporate being light headed, exhausted and having problems jogging. Almost as if a person feels intoxicated from alcohol consumption, but hasn’t had any. As blood has problems getting around the body it may generate symptoms of a person not able to catch their breath, and that their coronary heart is racing.

The decline of circulation of blood could lead to hiccups, in addition to agony in a few areas of the body. This can be within the arms, legs, one side of the face or perhaps the chest. The next danger signal may contain eye sight troubles, plus a sense of wishing to throw up.

If someone goes through any of these abnormal warning signs they need to get instant help, and they should also take an aspirin. An aspirin can easily thin the blood, that helps the circulation of blood and it’s preferable to chew up one as an alternative to swallow the pill.

One of the things both males and females can do to prevent this health disorder would be to not smoke cigarettes. It’s been estimated that smoking tobacco increases the risk for strokes by reducing the amount of oxygen in the blood. Then the heart muscle tissue has to continue to work harder and it permits blood clots and plaque to more easily form up.

When blood clots and plaque form up it hinders the flow of blood. One more thing somebody could do to avoid this issue would be to not be diabetic. Diabetes occurs when someone’s body features a difficult time moving sugar out of the blood and into cells, where it is used. Glucose within the bloodstream isn’t great due to the fact it’s sticky and sticks to cells, which could mutate them and inhibit blood circulation.

The way someone becomes diabetic really comes down to their way of living. This implies not exercising, carrying excess fat, consuming a great deal of foods with simple carbohydrates. A few examples of these foods could be white bread, donuts, sweet in addition to soda pops.

Another idea that may prevent somebody from receiving a stroke along with increase their health would be to take some herbal treatments that assist with blood flow. The list of dietary supplements and herbs someone might take is gigantic, so I’m just going to talk about a couple of really good options for you.

The initial herb I’m going to speak about can stink up someone’s breath, and also vampires are afraid of it. Could you guess what it really is? Well, its garlic cloves and it has been used for centuries to help with ailments similar to tuberculosis along with smallpox.

Garlic aids by reducing the bad LDL cholesterol that clogs up blood vessels along with it thins blood and lowers blood pressure levels. Blood pressure is somewhat like a silent killer mainly because it can strike out of nowhere, not giving off a great number of indicators. What happens is that arteries must stretch out to allow for the blood which leads to tiny tears. These tears capture debris like ldl cholesterol and plaque also it starts to build up.

Another idea would be to drink tea or take a dietary supplement with it. Tea is the 2nd most favored beverage on the earth and will provide an insane quantity of benefits. By looking at 9 different scientific studies with 195,000 folks they learned that drinking merely 3 servings of tea every day reduced the potential risk of a stroke by 21 percent. Health experts are not fully sure precisely how green tea extract helps prevent a stroke, but one concept is that it gives catechins that shield blood vessels.

Before you go out and start to buy nutritional supplements to improve your health there are several things you should find out. The Government Accountability Office in the United States analyzed 2,000 nutritional supplements and they discovered that 25% were mislabeled or had unhealthy impurities within them. The reason behind these kinds of inadequate supplements on the marketplace is due to the fact nobody truly tests these products to ensure they are safe prior to being sold.

To make things a little easier for you I’ve made a guide that can help someone in searching for health supplements. This guide addresses a handful of the indicators which will tell a person a product would probably injure them. In addition, it covers natural herbs someone should take in addition to ones that provide far more risks as compared to rewards. The guide is also absolutely free and you can get more info by simply clicking the url guide book to selecting supplements for better health.


Heart Attack Signs

In this article I’m going to share with you some of the most frequent heart attack signs, the main risk factors connected with it, as well as tips on protecting against the disease. The heart is probably the most important muscle inside your body. What it really does is push nutrients and oxygen to numerous bodily organs that require it. Without the coronary heart these organs would not get the assets they require and they’d suffer, just like if you couldn’t get air.

The tubes that transport blood to the coronary heart are generally known as coronary arteries. As time passes different materials including LDL cholesterol gather in the artery producing plaque. This plaque material is tough externally and gentle on the inside. What takes place is that it’s simple for the exterior to rip and when that takes place, platelets arrive at the location and blood clots form throughout the plaque, and this adds to the thinning of the tube.

This isn’t good for a range of reasons one of them being that it limits the circulation of blood. Blood is just like life, so without it bodily organs don’t do their job as well. If the the flow of blood gets really bad then total congestion can happen where there is death throughout the area in the heart muscles, which in turn causes it to stop functioning. When the heart stops working blood doesn’t go to areas within the body that need it, and the particular person dies.

Not everyone that has a heart attack experiences symptoms of it, plus it doesn’t always look like it does inside the movies. When a thing goes wrong within your body what do you think is the first thing you are likely to recognize? Most likely some pain right? With a heart attack pain, pressure or squeezing can be experienced within the chest area or even the arms. This harmful sensation could develop towards the neck, jaw or perhaps the back as well.

An additional primary indication would be shortness of breath as blood doesn’t make it to the lung area. A individual could experience a sense of fullness, queasiness, indigestion as well as sweating. Since the heart isn’t functioning appropriately more difficulties develop for example inadequate blood getting to the mind. This brings about dizziness as well as being lightheaded.

One of the good news with a heart attack if there was any good news is that usually a person encounters a few of the indications before hand. The earliest warning sign is some pain in the chest, which is known as an angina, that is a short-term decline in blood flow towards the coronary heart. This pain sometimes can also be experienced in the arms or the back.

One of the better things a person can do when they recognize any of these indicators would be to take some aspirin and this may help by breaking apart platelets that clog up the tunnels. If you’re wondering should you chew or swallow the aspirin essentially a person ought to chew it.

With regards to herbal treatments that help prevent cardiovascular disease there really are tons. Ginkgo biloba is a great natural herb that comes from the ginkgo tree. The gingko tree is fascinating because it possesses fire proof sap and has lived through an atomic bomb blast. It’s existed for an very long time then something happened that nearly wiped them out. It could have been the same thing that wiped out the dinosaurs, however only a few survived in Japan.

One of the ways that ginkgo biloba is helpful is that it boosts the circulation of blood decreasing the potential for blockage. Also it will help antioxidants move about the body healing arterial blood vessels.

The next herb that I would highly recommend is omega-3 fats. Omega3 is most likely one of the most beneficial nutritional supplements an individual may take behind a multi-vitamin. These healthy fats minimize inflammation which not just helps prevent damage to blood vessels, but prevents plenty of additional damage.

It may also decrease many other things that can also add to artery clogging. For example it reduces triglycerides and health professionals are unsure how they contribute to hardening of the blood vessels, but they do. Another thing that they do is lower blood pressure. The reason why high blood pressure is detrimental happens because when pressure pushes up against the walls it pushes back simply because, it doesn’t want to get taken over.

In the event it pushes back the tube gets a little narrow which leads to congestion along with blockage. When it comes to omega 3 fats the amount of advantages inside them are merely so numerous.

Just like I mentioned previously LDL cholesterol is a key reason for making artery walls slender and 1 of the ways an individual can reduce their chance of getting heart related illnesses is by not eating a great deal of foods which have this. Unhealthy fats, deep fried foods and trans fats all contribute to this kind of plaque that clogs up arteries. Another thing an individual may do is not to smoke tobacco. Cigarettes harms the inner walls of blood vessels allowing deposits of cholestrerol levels along with other things to accumulate, which slows the flow of blood and adds to blood clots.

There are lots of other factors that give rise to this too such as not working out, being obese, having diabetes, as well as having an excessive amount of stress.

A number of these herbal treatments someone may get in a health supplement. Before you go out and purchase health supplements it’s important to recognize that there are many potential risks using these goods. First of all the federal government regulations on safety are extremely loose. In the usa as well as in numerous nations manufactures of dietary supplements don’t need to demonstrate their supplement is effective before marketing it. They also don’t have to inform customers of any undesirable side effects if there are any. In a nutshell vitamin supplements can provide someone more harm than positive aspects in some situations.

To make your life a bit less difficult I recommend viewing a report I have written on the topic of choosing and getting nutritional supplements. A few things you will learn in this report will be how one can determine a great supplement brand from a bad one. It goes over numerous herbal solutions to think about in addition to things to steer clear of, what to take for certain health concerns plus much more. The report is completely free, so you have practically nothing to lose by checking it out. You can view this report by hitting the hyperlink report to supplements. 

High Blood Pressure Prevention

Would you like to learn some high blood pressure prevention ideas? I’ve done a lot of legwork searching around for various ideas and have come up with a few that I believe can help.

Before going over preventing this health ailment let’s talk about how it occurs and why it’s so bad. The bad news is that health experts don’t know what causes around 95% of high blood pressure cases within the U.S.

Before you click away believing this article to be completely useless, there are some commonalities that can cause it and some interesting things you can do to prevent it. These commonalities could include smoking, being overweight, genetics and consuming too much alcohol or salt.

The biggest reason that this health condition is bad is the fact someone can have it and not know it, and that includes you reading this. Then pow, in the middle of the night something bad could happen, so it’s a silent killer.

You probably already know that high blood pressure leads to heart attacks, which kills many people around the world. What happens is that the heart has to work harder to move blood to organs that need it and this is called heart failure.

This can cause extra fluid in the body, irregular heartbeats and a heart attack if full blockage occurs.

Can you guess what one of the biggest things someone can do to reduce their risk of this ailment? The hint is it’s one of the biggest things you can do. If you didn’t figure it out, it’s losing weight. The more weight you lose the lower your blood pressure.

Next it’s one of the most expensive habits that is unhealthy and can you guess what it is? Yep, quit smoking can help as well.
This is something you can do right this second to reduce your risk and it might involve doing something you don’t like. Can you guess what it is?

It’s exercising and about 80% of Americans actually don’t get enough of it.

Also there is one thing that is a big contributor to high blood pressure and it has to do with someone losing hair. It’s something that presidents, surgeons, airplane pilots and air traffic controllers all have in common.

Did you get the answer yet? Well, its stress and reducing it can help. If you’re not sure how to reduce stress try doing absolutely nothing and try not to even think, that is what I do.

Ok, these were all fairly common ideas let’s talk about a few that you probably were not aware of. Did you know that dark chocolate can be of help? They contain flavanols that make blood vessels stretch.

Drinking green tea is another great idea along with foods with potassium like potatoes, oranges, bananas and kidney beans.
When it comes to herbal remedies there really are a ton of ideas such as ginkgo biloba, coq10, ginseng and turmeric.

If you’re interested in what supplements can do as well as which ones to take for this condition I highly recommend you view a free guide on shopping for supplements.

It talks about how to spot a good brand from a bad one and various herbal remedies to use. You can view this guide clicking on the link free guide to buying supplements.