What is Cushing Syndrome – Prevention and Treatment Ideas!

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In this video I want to share what cushing syndrome really is, talk about prevention and share a few ways to treat it. it. At the term of the century in (the 1900’s) there was this brilliant surgeon named Harvey Cushing and he was the one that made this disease more well known.

In your body you have all these hormones running around telling cells what to do. Some famous ones would be testosterone and estrogen, but another one is cortisol.

So what the heck is cortisol? Some people call it the stress hormone, since it gets released during stress. It also does things such as control blood sugar, it reduces inflammation, helps with memory and regulates metabolism, which is breaking down things for energy.

Cushing syndrom is when a person is exposed to high levels of this hormone cortisol for a long period of time. You might be wondering how someone gets this disease. A big cause is overuse of cortisone-like drugs. These drugs are used to provide relief for inflamed areas of the body an example would be a drug for arthritis.

One way to prevent this health problem is to not take prescription drugs to lower inflammation. There are much better ways to do this that are safer, healthier and cost less. One idea is an anti-inflammatory diet. Foods that are bad would be processed foods and trans fats, healthy food would be stuff like vegetables. There is omega3 plus there are herbs like turmeric, which is super great for lowering inflammation.

Another cause is a tumor near the adrenal gland, which is right above your kidneys. This is the gland that makes cortisol. Just because there is a tumor that doesn’t mean that it’s caused by cancer. It could just be inflammation. Inflammation is the body trying to heal an injury, such as with swelling a pimple, and too much of it is a big cause of aging, disease and bad stuff.

How do you know if someone has Cushings Syndrome? One sign would be unusual weight gain usually around the midsection, upper back, in the face and between the shoulders.

There could be more acne on the skin, having more thin skin that bruises easily and is slow to heal from cuts or insect bites. There also could be pink or purple stretch marks on the skin. Usually in the stomach area, thighs, breasts and arms.

The only way truly to know is to get tested. Lastly how do we eliminate this disease? One idea would be a change in diet including if it’s anti-inflammatory, herbs that reduce inflammation. Reducing stress, and of course stopping the drugs that cause it.

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Improving Testosterone Levels

In this post I’m going to share the  best ideas for improving testosterone levels, just what this bodily hormone does, and why some guys have low levels of it. Think of your brain being a CEO of a small business and all your bodily organs and cells as little working people. When the brain or CEO hopes to adjust a couple of things it makes use of messengers named hormones to convey these adjustments to various internal organs or cells.

Testosterone is one of these hormones which can be found in males. As males grow up naturally there testosterone quantities decrease a small amount. The gloomy truth would be that the medical community is actually viewing increasingly more males who are in their 20’s or even 30’s acquiring lower levels of this hormone, that negatively impacts their wellbeing. Even worse it’s estimated that a huge majority of folks struggling with this health problem simply don’t obtain help.

The billion dollar question is why are a great number of young men having inferior hormone levels along with what might a person do to protect against this concern? There are lots of hypotheses as to what brings about this condition and one of them is somebody getting too much exposer to a thing generally known as BPA or bisphenol A.

This BPA stuff is inside of plastic which is used within drinking water bottles; it’s applied to the exterior of cans and left over storage containers.

In a investigation finished in China they analyzed 2 sets of guys. One group had been consistently confronted with BPA for 6 months and the other team had not been. The outcome was that the group that was confronted with this substance had reduced testosterone amounts, a reduced sperm count and more love making difficulties.

To defend yourself don’t heat anything within plastic, this consists of the microwave oven. Lower the quantity of canned food you eat, don’t drink out of plastic bottles and make use of glass containers to store food items.

One more possible contributor to reduced hormone levels would be chemical substances in addition to contaminations that happen to be within our food. This can be a difficult one to reduce, however washing fruit and veggies and also eating more organic and natural food might help.

Yet another significant cause is diabetes, which is when a particular person possesses issues with glucose. In reality as outlined by CBS news about 1 out of 3 diabetics have got low testosterone levels. Of course reduced testosterone amounts could potentially cause type 2 diabetes because this hormone enhances a cells response to insulin.

Generally plenty of people eat a diet program that’s totally different than the diet plan our forefathers ate and our bodies are having a difficult time adjusting. If you focus on eating the way humans have been eating for hundreds of years not only will this increase your testosterone, however will certainly do so many amazing things to improve your health. Like the saying goes your food intake today, you will wear tomorrow.

Another problem with ingesting a unhealthy diet regime will be excessive weight, which too many people currently have and in addition it influences hormone levels. Health professionals are not entirely positive the reason why being overweight harms the creation of testosterone, nevertheless they think it has to do with inflammation. When someone is over weight they’ve got more inflammation which inhibits the creation of the hormone. Inflammation occurs when your body assaults and causes harm to itself.

Some other possible offenders may just be liver or kidney challenges, acquiring an excessive amount of iron within your body, a personal injury, an ailment along with vitamin shortage.

One of the more well-known signals an individual has very low testosterone might be a lower desire in sex, and possessing complications making love. They may feel a lot more tired, possess weaker muscles, and have excess weight as a result of insulin complications, have less strong bone fragments as well as have depression.

This hormone also plays a role in the production of red blood cells, thus an ailment named anemia can occur, that brings about some other warning signs. Red blood cells produce color inside a person’s skin, so skin could possibly have a more pale coloring. These types of cells move oxygen within the body so aside from an individual becoming worn-out; they may possess mental complications such as vertigo, confusion and memory dilemmas. Last but not least there can be an increased heart rate, sleep loss and much more repeated lower-leg cramps.

One of the best things an individual can do to correct and prevent this concern would be to take a great multi-vitamin dietary supplement. Based on scientific studies at Graz University within Austria people who have lower levels of vitamin D possess lower levels of this hormone. Someone may get vitamin D from being out in the sun’s rays, but with the invention of modern technology and cars, many people are not outside in the sun like they should be.

Vitamin b furthermore play a significant role in cell health, hormone growth and if you’re deficient in only one vitamin it might really influence your overall health in a negative way. Another reason I’d personally strongly recommend a great multi-vitamin supplement is because even if an individual eats a perfect diet program daily they still could possibly be lacking in a nutrient. As a result of chemical compounds being utilized, transportation as well as cooking of food it simply doesn’t possess the minerals and vitamins within it like it used to.

Yet another all-natural method to assist with this problem is by minimising stress. I like to think of stress as being out of balance, and this includes anxiousness, being overly upset or perhaps frustrated. If somebody is really stressed out their body generates a hormone referred to as cortisol, which assists in survival instances. The side effect of cortisol is it halts the creation of testosterone. If you’d like more testosterone decrease your levels of stress.

With regards to herbs which help with testosterone generally there are just a ton. One example is a thing called saw palmetto extract. What it does is interfere with the body’s process of transforming testosterone in to estrogen. Various other ideas on excellent natural herbs to take could be ginseng, horny goat weed, maca and tongkat ali.

Before you go out and commence to buy health supplements to enhance your state of health it’s important to be aware of the perils. Did you know health supplement organizations do not have to list negative side effects? Actually they do not even have to make sure there merchandise is safe before selling them, and the federal government regulations that defend all of us are incredibly small. Because of this yearly many individuals get harmed buying health supplements.

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Major Warning Signs of Graves Illness

In the following paragraphs I’m sharing with you many of the major warning signs of Graves illness, how one can get this issue as well as a few tips on just how you can treat and also protect against it.

Every person that is alive has something referred to as a thyroid gland. This gland is butterflied shaped organ that is found on the front side of the neck. The main reason all of us have this thyroid gland is simply because it produces hormones for the human body.

I like to think of bodily hormones as very little directors in a giant workplace.

All these directors go to every one of the personnel and tells them what to do. As an example insulin is actually a bodily hormone which goes to sugar within the circulatory system and shows it to a cell that can make use of it. The body’s hormones give assistance with the development of a kid, hair growth, breaking down food, brain features, the body’s temperature and many more.

This thyroid is responsible for generating two kinds of hormones referred to as T3 and T4 for brief. In Graves ’ disease the body’s defense mechanisms, which is designed to be one of our best friends tends to make a little something described as TSI that binds to the thyroid gland. TSI then tells the gland that it should generate far more hormones and that it better get to work.

This makes the thyroid to be hyper and it produces way too many hormones that speed up numerous functions in the body. For starters since several functions accelerate one could be moody, anxious, with a rapid heart beat and some hand shaking. Almost as if a person has gotten too much coffee. Much like with consuming far too much coffee a man or woman will likely have a difficult time getting a good night’s slumber because of it.

Other possible signs of an over active thyroid may incorporate unconventional weight loss, repeated diarrhea, sweating much more and easily, a decrease in libido, having brittle hair along with perhaps some thinning on the skin. Next considering that the thyroid gland is working extra time it may possibly get larger in size and a man or woman could notice this in the front of their neck.

These are generally all symptoms of an over active thyroid and graves’ disease can lead to additional indications that may occur as soon as the thyroid gland starts to hyperactive or it might take weeks for them to show. The 1st one is suffering with the eyes since the tissues at the rear of your eye area get irritated. Occasionally this affects someone’s vision and smoking cigarettes enhances the chance of this taking place.

Next a person’s skin could possibly get red and also thicker. Generally this takes place around the tops of a person’s feet or the bottom of their legs. The great thing is that this change in a person’s skin is often pain-free and disappears altogether on its own. The smart individuals the healthcare community are certainly not positive what causes issues with the skin or eyes, but because this ailment has to do with the body’s defence mechanism not working accurately, it probably has something connected to that.

One of the factors that cause this disease is an injury to the gland. Basically just protect your neck area from being damaged. Research also has uncovered that smoking cigarettes raises the likelihood of this condition along with almost every other disease.

Yes, I know living in today’s time period may be stressful, however try to do something else to handle it, and do not smoke cigarettes. You can also keep your body’s immune system strong, in order that it fights off virtually any bacterial infections which could generate this condition.

There are also a number of herbs which will help. Nearly anything that lowers inflammation will likely help with this health problem. Inflammation happens when the immune system attacks itself, which is what this disease is all about.

One excellent botanical herb to take is a thing known as ginger. Ginger herb is an excellent choice mainly because it cuts down irritation as well as it’s an antiseptic. An antiseptic means that it decreases the possibility of an infection. Omega-3 is yet another superb dietary supplement to look at as well as turmeric root extract.

Additionally you should really be acquiring is a great multi-vitamin. The simple truth is your system needs vitamins just to function correctly. If you’re lacking in just 1 vitamin it might gravely harm your wellbeing. To present you an idea for this if a person is lacking in just vitamin b folic acid and she is currently pregnant, she increases the chance of giving birth to a baby with a neurological tube defect by about 70%. A neurological tube defect occurs when a baby has a brain or spinal cord condition, and frequently brings about the passing of life of the toddler.

If you’re just relying on food for these nutritional vitamins then I don’t feel that is smart. The reason is simply because our food won’t have the nutritional ingredients in it like it used to. This is due to chemical compounds being used in farming, shipping the food, it sitting on retailer shelves and cooking methods.

Prior to deciding to do go out and start to purchase dietary health supplements to further improve your state of health and well-being there are a few things you ought to be aware. For starters the sad the fact is in lots of countries government departments usually do not check to make certain nutritional supplements are safe prior to being marketed to potential customers.

Many reasons exist for for this yet a big one is that they don’t have the time or even resources. Therefore, the real question is how do you know that the upcoming supplement you’re planning on buying is not going to do you more harm than good? How can you tell that what you think you are getting your actually going to get inside the dietary supplement?

To help you I have generated a manual that I designed to help folks with regards to looking for health supplements. Nutritional supplements are often very confusing because there are numerous possibilities that all seem to some degree identical. They could also be damaging and it’s a proven fact that a lot of them are mislabeled as well as possess some unsafe components within them.

This guide may also help someone recognize a good dietary supplement choice from a poor quality one. It may help to simplify herbal items in addition to shares some herbal selections that do more damage than good, and this may surprise you.

Some of these hazardous natural herbs are in daily things like tea. It describes the role of government agencies regarding supplements, offers several online resources to make your job less difficult and a lot more.

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Hypercalcemia Symptoms

In this article I’m going to share what the major hypercalcemia symptoms are, how someone gets this disease, as well as a few ideas on preventing it. Hypercalcemia is a condition in which someone has too much calcium in their system.

As humans we need a certain amount of calcium in order to function. We can get this from either a dietary supplement or with food. The mineral then gets stored in our bones and teeth, where it supports their strength.  Without calcium are bones would turn to jelly, and we would be big globs of goo rather than be standing and walking.

Besides keeping bones strong this mineral helps control muscle contraction and this includes your heart, so you can use your muscles. If you ever get a cut or a wound on your skin your body makes blood harden around the area, which not only prevents blood loss, but keeps out germs. This blood clotting ability is created by vitamin k as well as calcium. With no calcium it will take much longer for blood to clot resulting in more blood loss, and more harmful substances to enter the body.

If that wasn’t enough calcium has a role with creating hormones and enzymes. Enzymes are used for all kinds of chemical reactions, such as digesting food and sending messages. Think of them like the spark in a car engine, it’s needed so there can be a reaction. Hormones are like little messengers that tell your body to do stuff like grow hair.

The most common way someone gets this health problem is by having an overactive parathyroid gland. This lies behind the thyroid gland, behind the neck close to where the jaw is. Not surprisingly it controls the amount of calcium in someone’s blood and bones. The way it does this is that it makes a hormone, which is a messenger called PTH.

A major way someone gets an overactive parathyroid gland is when they get a tumor on it. This makes it so the gland creates more of this hormone, and it actually tells cells in the bone to eat the bone, and put it in the bloodstream. This weakens the bones leading to more fractures and falling down.

What happens next is the calcium builds up in the bloodstream and this narrows the arteries, leading to high blood pressure and an increased risks of heart disease and strokes. Also the calcium builds up inside the kidneys leading to kidney stones and sometimes brings about kidney failure. Also high calcium build up leads to a slower nervous system bringing about someone feeling more tired. Lastly it increases the risk of many cancers, and treatment usually consists of surgical removal of the gland.

Health experts are not exactly sure what causes this tumor on the gland, but it comes down to a damaged cell, similar to cancer. One way to prevent damaged cells is to take your vitamins and minerals. There are vitamins that play key roles in the health of cells, and if you’re deficient in these vitamins it could bring about some trouble. Next would be to eat healthy. Don’t eat Tran’s fats because instead of good fats being used in cell membranes this stuff is used, and it’s weaker resulting in damaged cells. Antioxidants also play a key role in the health of cells by eliminating free radicals.

Another way someone can get too much calcium in their blood stream is by being dehydrated. When someone has less fluid in their bloodstream the concentration of calcium increases. This isn’t going to result in major hypercalcemia like an overactive parathyroid gland, but will play a role.

Certain types of cancer also raise the chance of hypercalcemia because the tumor can produce a protein that acts like a hormone that releases calcium from your blood. Also if the cancer spreads to your bones it will strip the calcium from them and release it in the blood stream.

A few other causes could include taking too much calcium in a supplement form, a disease, as well as prescription drugs can bring about this health problem.

The bad news with this disease is that sometimes there will be no symptoms especially if it’s mild. This is why it’s important for someone to get regular checkups to ensure all their body parts are running smoothly.

If someone has way too much calcium in their blood stream they could experience frequent urination, excessive thirst and vomiting as the body tries to eliminate the calcium.

Other symptoms could include stomach cramps, muscle weakness, joint pain, confusion and fatigue.Treatment of this disease can involve adding fluids to rehydrate the patient, and adding a hormone known as calcitonin, that slows bone loss. There are also prescription drugs that prevent bone breakdown.

When it comes to preventing this health problem a good multi-vitamin can be of great help, since it supports cell health. Another option would be resveratrol. Resveratrol, which is found in red wine is a potent antioxidant and has anti-cancer abilities. In 1997 researchers found that topical resveratrol prevented skin cancer growth on mice. Besides fighting cancer growth and improving the health of cells it could extend life, which is what resveratrol is most famous for.

A couple of scientists named Howitz and David Sinclair reported in 2003 that this substance significantly extended the life of yeasts, fruit flies and worms. In 2006 it was reported that resveratrol extended the life of a certain fish by 56%. Wow, 56% is a big number, but the bad news is that it hasn’t been proven in humans.

One of the theories on why it can enable someone to live longer is by activating a certain gene known as the SIRT 1 gene. What this gene does is restrict calories so a person doesn’t create as much free radicals. Everything you do from exercise to eating creates these free radicals that damage cells and thus speed up the aging process. This aging process damages organs, creates wrinkles and sooner or later something breaks and a person dies of old age. This is all in theory of course.

The great news with dietary supplements is that they can provide a ton of benefits, be inexpensive and fairly easy to take. Plus it can improve the health of cells, which could potentially reduce the chance of this illness. For starters they can be relatively inexpensive, easy to take and offer tons of advantages. The negative part about them is that in many countries the laws and regulations are very loose. This means that nobody checks to ensure that the supplement your about to buy is safe and provides the ingredients listed.

There are some third party organizations that help and if you’re interested in the world of dietary supplements, I highly recommend you view a guide about this. This guide can share what someone should be looking for when buying supplements, so they don’t get a crappy brand. It will go over various herbal remedies as well as how government agencies protect consumers.  The best part is that it’s completely free and you can view this guide by clicking on the link guide to choosing dietary supplements.

How to Know if you have Hyperthyroidism

In this particular article I’m going to share with you the major hyperthyroidism signals, how somebody gets this condition plus some ideas on preventing and treating it. In the simplest terms hyperthyroidism happens when a person’s thyroid gland hyper speeds up a person’s metabolism, therefore, the reason for the name.

The thyroid gland can be found right in front of the throat below the Adams apple, which is the tiny bump on your throat. Metabolism really is the whole process of breaking down the food that people ingest into useful energy, much like a car breaks down gasoline directly into energy. Now if the car accelerates the consumption of petrol, for example has a supercharger, then more power is supplied and the vehicle goes more quickly. The same thing occurs with humans and more metabolism suggests a person burns off more calories and stored fat.

The thyroid produces 2 really unique hormones and they’re called T3 and T4 for short. These hormones are like assistants for a government and actually travel within the bloodstream asking each cell if it needs more vitamins and minerals and also oxygen. After that it goes back to the thyroid gland and communicates its message, and this either turns up metabolism or turns it down. Besides metabolism these hormones help with brain advancement, the well-being of nerves and also the consumption of nutrients.

The other function of the thyroid gland would be by using a hormone called calcitonin to reduce how much calcium is in your blood. Next it utilizes a hormone referred to as parathyroid to raise the quantity of calcium in the blood. Calcium is necessary to keep bones and teeth solid, with muscle tissues, blood clotting and with the nervous system.

Now if you’re thinking that an increase in activity in metabolism can easily make it possible for a person to possess some super powers you’re sadly wrong. The most typical symptom is exactly the same one Robert James Graves initially witnessed in patients with this medical problem back in the 1830’s which is a rapid heartrate.

Contrary to the super power idea excessive energy really isn’t managed and an individual has modest tremors like in the hands or feet. Nothing like Parkinson’s disease, nevertheless it could be realized. An additional symptom could be a rise in temperature and perspiring, which is a way we cool ourselves and also eradicate harmful toxins. All of this can lead to challenges dropping off to sleep, becoming easily irritated along with anxiety. Of course fat reduction and an increase in desire for food can occur.

The warning sign that will more than likely tell someone that they have a thyroid gland problem and not something else could be some bloating in the region. If the bottom of your throat is very large and you’re going through a few of these problems, you might have a hyperthyroid dilemma.

The most typical reason someone could get this kind of health condition originates from Graves’ disease. Yep, Robert James Graves a doctor in the 1830’s uncovered this condition where the body’s defense mechanisms creates an antibody that persuades the gland to speed up metabolism. Usually Graves’ disease is genetic runs in family members and impacts women a lot more than males.

One more cause could possibly be inflammation of the thyroid gland called thyroiditis. The gland enlarges because of a virus or a problem with the immune system, which speeds metabolism. Also if a particular person doesn’t eat enough iodine then a thing called toxic multinodular goiter or Plummer disease can happen, where the thyroid gets hyperactive. Iodine can be eaten with certain foods such as fish and beans, or with a supplement.

Cigarette smoking may cause this condition due to the toxins and also chemicals inside it. Unnatural foods just like highly processed meats and too much soy products have additionally been linked to this health problem. Fluoride actually used to be used as a medicine to help remedy an active thyroid by slowing it, however too much can make it operate too slow and this is known as hypothyroidism, the opposite of too much metabolism. This may cause lethargy, mental confusion, a slow heart rate and many other challenges.

Other steps that you can do to defend yourself could be to make sure you’re drinking safe drinking water, and requesting a protective collar whenever getting an X-Ray. There are also plenty of health supplements a person may take in order to avoid and treat this particular health-related problem. The first would not surprisingly be taking iodine in a health supplement in addition to ginseng. Ginseng balances adrenal complications and possesses a soothing effect. Something called bugleweed could be a great solution since it deals with heart palpitations as well as anxiety. Omega-3 and also green tea can help minimize swelling and heal the vicinity. Lastly a good multi-vitamin can be quite positive, due to the fact being deficient in some nutrients like selenium and iodine, could potentially cause hyperthyroidism.

Before you go out and start purchasing a whole lot of dietary supplements it’s imperative that you realize a number of facts concerning the industry. On a well-known medical related show in 2013, Consumer Labs stats that just about 40% of the most famous nutritional supplement brands on store racks have got mislabeling or have unsafe impurities. The reality is that government agencies don’t really regulate health supplements and it’s up to consumers to protect one another.

To help you I have developed a report and video guide all about the dietary supplement world that can make shopping for supplements less complicated. It goes over various herbal solutions, how you can spot a great brand from a awful brand, as well as things to take to heal certain conditions. Now I could easily charge for this guidebook, but chose to make it free as a gift for being on a weekly video newsletter on alternative health.
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