Whooping Cough Treatment – 3 Ideas that can Really Help!

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In this video I want to share some treatments for a whooping cough that could help.

So what is a whooping cough. All around you is something called germs. Right now there are more germs on your body than people living in the United States. Germs are things that are bad and you can’t see them such as viruses, bacteria, fungus’s and protozoa.

If a person breaths in the bacteria it will attach itself to the respiratory system and grow. The immune system responds with swelling and inflammation creating the cough.

Other signs would be nausea, wanting to vomit, a runny nose, perhaps a fever. If you are wondering if it’s contagious then the answer is yes it is. People get it from breathing and its most dangerous in children.

A whooping cough sucks, it’s embarrassing so what do we do about it? Well, the first instinct is do buy some cough medicine so you can go out in public without infecting everyone. Dr. Weil feels that this can lessen the frequency of the cough and intensity but it can make it linger for a longer period of time.

If diagnosed in the first week antibiotics could lessen the severity or duration of the infection. Antibiotics carry their own problems such as killing helpful bacteria in your digestive system, which many people don’t know, and abusing them leading the enemy to become resistant to them.

Instead of antibiotics believe it or not there are natural antibiotics. Herbal remedies that kill harmful bacteria that is causing the cough. That is the real goal right? Not just mask the symptoms.

One idea is garlic, which you can take a supplement or eat raw. You breath will stink with eating it or chopping it up in a drink, but that is the least of your problems.

A study at Washington University shows that garlic is 100 times more effective than two top antibiotics in fighting Campylobacter, the bacteria responsible for much of the world’s intestinal illnesses.

Another herb is Turmeric it’s the same as curcumin. Turmeric is the yellow powder and curcumin is the ingredient in it. Again you can sprinkle the powder in a drink or take a supplement.

According the U.S. National Library of Medicine Animal experiments have demonstrated that curcumin applied at high doses has strong antibacterial activity.

Lastly eat honey. If you have a kid with a whooping cough these 3 ingredients you can make in a drink and try to get the kid to drink it.

In a study at Oxford Journal they tested honey on antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. At 40% vol honey completely killed the bacteria at 20% had potent bactericidal activity.

There really are tons more herbs that can really help. The cool thing is they have supplements that combine a crap load of these herbs that boost your immune system. If you click on the link below I talk about them and compare these types of products. To learn more simply click on the link below.

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Pneumonia Treatments – With Awesome Herbs that Help!

In this post I’m planning to talk about the top pneumonia treatments, how someone receives this dilemma and if it’s contagious. The truth is all over the place right now there are a lot of hazardous microorganisms that are looking to come in, and create a cozy residential home inside your body. Doesn’t that seem simply so welcoming? Anytime these microorganisms become successful it generates a thing generally known as an infection. Usually the human body deals with this dilemma by making inflammation.

The bottom line is inflammation is the body trying to heal itself and it’s the reason behind swelling with an personal injury. When there is swelling in the lung area as you can imagine it could bring about quite a few troublesome warning signs, like difficulty inhaling along with chest area pains. Then the human body makes mucus, which everybody loves when they’re unwell. That was a little tad of sarcasm, not anyone enjoys mucus however the fascinating thing is that it can be quite useful.

One way it could be beneficial is by trapping foreign intruders. Due to this mucus accumulation is it possible to speculate just what symptom it could bring about? Yes, coughing due to the fact you’re aiming to take away the mucus and whatever it has contained. A sore throat may happen as a result of this, as well as fatigue because the body is doing exactly what it can to fight off the enemy. Some other signs could be a high temperature, chills, nostril area obstruction headaches as well as feeling ill.

Apart from germs breathing bad smoke may lead to an inflammatory reaction producing pneumonia as well. This is one more great reason why smoking cigarettes isn’t good along with the billions of other reasons, which in turn I’m certain your knowledgeable about. In the event you’re unaware of the health hazards of tobacco, it could boost the likelihood of just about any disease.

Pneumonia can be contagious depending on the cause a person has it. If it’s a flu virus, bacteria or even tuberculosis it can be spread by means of sneezing or perhaps coughing. Also a particular person could possibly get it from touching germs and then touching their face.

This is why the last thing any person ought to do is touch their face with their hands. The CDC states that it can be contagious 24 hours prior to indications develop. The contagious period may last a day to several years and it truly is dependent upon a person’s immune system. For this reason it’s a really good idea to have an defense system that is as powerful as a battleship. Ok, battleships are sort of out dated, how about as strong as Justin Bieber? That guy is often in the news right?

In traditional western medicine the most common treatment is antibiotics or anti-viral medication. Among the disadvantages to both of these medicines is they normally have a few negative side outcomes. Likewise they generally create a lot of free-radicals which hurt a person’s wellness, and they have been connected to generating additional illnesses.

One more unfortunate thing with anti-biotics is the fact that some germs are resistant against it as a result of many people using them. Just like you can take a flu vaccine and acquire a modest amount of the virus to better guard yourself. Bacteria can kind of do the same thing and if it is exposed to antibiotics, regrettably the wise small bugger may learn and also adapt. Hey, bacteria was on the earth for a longer period than the rest of us obviously they are able to adjust and survive, that is what they’re built for.

The science community is in fact seeing this with Gonorrhea at this time where there is a strain that is very resistant to prescription medication, and it’s getting harder and harder to obliterate. The thing that is extremely unpleasant concerning gonorrhea is the fact that lots of women that have it are not even aware of it.

One more very bad thing with antibiotics is the fact that besides killing beneficial bacteria in your body it will kill off the good helpful type in your digestive tract. The good bacteria helps to keep the poor bacteria from doing a lot of destruction. It’s almost like a relentless war and if the bad bacteria is victorious then it might lead to some issues including constipation, diarrhea and maybe other issues such as the dreaded cancer.

Are these prescribed drugs worth the money? That is a tough question, but I think it’s ideal for a person to look at all their options since they’re in the long run in charge of their health.

Apart from taking drugs a person could work on making their defense mechanisms more powerful. A few suggestions could be doing things like consuming a good amount of water, acquiring a lot of rest and trying to live a stress free life can help. Another excellent idea could be taking a beneficial multi-vitamin supplement.

I know you’re probably thinking you can obtain vitamins via food and that’s correct. The unfortunate reality is that our food nowadays simply doesn’t have the vitamins and minerals in it like it used to. If an individual is lacking in just one vitamin it could have some really serious health consequences for example making the immune system weaker. It’s not worth the risk and I highly recommend a great multi-vitamin health supplement.

Another thing a person can do to further improve their capability to fight off health conditions such as Wolverine the Marvel comic book hero would be to take herbal products. Just in case you don’t know wolverine was a comic book hero that could heal himself and he rarely got unwell.

There are tons of herbal remedies which can help, yet a great one would be quercetin. Besides the immune system it may help reduce inflammation. There was a study in 2009 where experts presented animals which had rheumatoid arthritis quercetin. The outcome was that scientists observed quercetin could reduce inflammation.

Another way it may help is by laying the smack down on harmful germs such as the U.S. Navy Seals did on the pirates that took Captain Philips vessel off the coastline of Somalia. Basically the U.S. Navy Seals shot dead each and every pirate which took the boat at the same time.

Speaking of the U.S. military it in fact did tests on quercetin to see if it could keep solders from getting sick in field combat. In a three day war mission 1 / 2 of the solders obtained this all natural herb and the other half didn’t. The result was that they found infections in 45% of the group that didn’t take this all natural herb while the group that took quercetin, only 5% of them experienced an infection. Not so shabby I’d say.

There really are a ton of additional herbs that can help and if you’re curious in learned more, I strongly suggest you look at a no cost report and video manual I produced. It discusses various herbal treatments I propose taking and some herbs that ought to be avoided at any cost. And also a whole lot more useful information such as the best way to recognize a good health supplement brand and what to take for skincare and also weight reduction. The particular best part is that this guide is completely free and you can learn more by hitting the url free guide to buying dietary supplements to enhance health.

Asthma Attack Symptoms – With Herbs That Can Help!

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In this article I’m going to discuss with you many asthma attack symptoms,  how a person may get this issue, and some unique ideas on fighting it off.

In case you haven’t figured it out when human beings cease breathing, it doesn’t feel very pleasant. In the event you don’t trust me try holding your breath for a minute. Believe it or not the human body doesn’t really need oxygen. No, no I’m not looney tunes or insane our body really just requires the oxygen from the air. The carbon dioxide and also pollution levels we could do without.

Air flow gets breathed in due to muscles in the chest enlarging the actual lung area. This brings about lung pressure being less than the pressure outside and forces the oxygen in. The air travels down the windpipe in the direction of a split referred to as bronchi and then travels to the lung area.

Asthma in the most basic of phrases occurs when someone’s tubes that connect the lungs to the exterior world become small and this causes it to be difficult to breath.

Unfortunately the wisest individuals in the healthcare industry are not sure what may cause this medical condition, but they possess some ideas. It can be genetic, therefore if a family member has it that could enhance your possibility of getting it.

An additional idea will be the cleanliness hypothesis. Nowadays kids are far more protected from damaging bacteria, and sterilization takes on a large role. A child’s disease fighting capability evolves in a different way than it normally did previously due to these modifications. These changes could be a culprit. This theory is a little strange, however you never know. What is your opinion about this idea?

Last but not least particular infections along with viral exposure may possibly produce this problem, which sort of goes against the last idea right?

Asthma could affect somebody in different ways. It could be mild or deadly. Typically there are these attacks which take place in the event the pipes that carry air flow become inflamed, slim and mucus builds up.

Now inflammation is really a process in which case the body attempts to repair itself, however often eventually ends up harming itself. It’s kind of like collateral destruction. It is the main reason behind soreness with osteo-arthritis, and also the swelling with an accident.

Mucus is within the respiratory system to capture unfamiliar invaders. This is the reason if somebody smokes cigarettes, as it has damaging chemical substances, their body produces more of this unpleasant stuff to capture the harmful chemical substances, and people who smoke cough to dispel the stuff.

In addition it’s used to guard the coating of the tubes by keeping them moist. These attacks tend to be triggered by a thing generally known as triggers. These triggers could be a number of things. To throw a few ideas out there they may be house dust, smoke, pollen coming from plants, even cool air or even stress.

The specific symptoms of asthma are quite simple the most typical one is the inability to breath. Ok, that’s it we can all go back home right?

Alright, there are additional indicators. Given that mucus can develop in the air passages there could be sneezing, a runny nose area, obstruction inside the nose area, along with a sore throat. Because of the additional mucus swelling can you imagine what additional warning sign this could result in? Yep I mentioned it previously and that would be a cough, considering that the human body is trying to get rid of the mucus, and whatever the stuff has contained.

An additional indicator is wheezing. You may be wondering just what in the daylights is wheezing? If you picture somebody blowing through a whistle it will make an unusual sound. The reason behind the sound is the little space and this is fairly similar to the wheezing sound. You won’t be whistling, however it’s somewhat similar.

Also given that significantly less air is getting to the internal organs of the human body and the muscles, is it possible to forecast the next indication of asthma? Yep one is likely to really feel exhausted and feeble because they are not receiving the power from the oxygen.

At this point we get to the fun part and that is what can we do about this? Needless to say there are inhalers somebody can get through a prescription or perhaps over-the-counter. The not so good news with these is that they all have got some undesirable side effects.

An additional idea would be herbal treatments, natural medicine as well as alternative treatments. A big good reason I’m a believer in these techniques would be because they don’t possess the side-effects normally. Also pharmaceutical drugs do develop a lot of free-radicals, which is famous for causing aging, diseases along with other issues.

So let’s discuss one of the first things I would recommend looking into and that would be a good omega 3 supplement. The most fascinating thing with fish oil is that lots of people are deficient in it. You may be thinking ok, well so what Kevin.

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition if someone is deficient in this fatty acid it will increase the risk of death from all causes. Harvard did another study that indicated that a lack of omega-3 was the 6th primary reason for death in Americans. Wow that is rather incredible right?

Omega 3 can help mainly because it decreases inflammation. The fascinating thing is that omega 9’s which lots of people get simply because it’s in a lot of food, actually makes asthma a whole lot worse as it increases inflammation.

The next natural herb I’m going to talk about is turmeric root extract, that also reduces inflammation. In 2003 there was a study in India where they tested curcumin with pigs. The results was that this all natural herb significantly stopped airway blockage. Also it can defend the body’s defence mechanism from responding to certain things which may cause an allergic attack.

Right now there are about as many herbs that can help as there are cute cat video clips on U Tube. It’s so amusing how those cat videos obtain so much interest along with views. Which reminds me I need an image of a lovely cat here, then considerably more individuals will look at this post.

Before you go out and begin to purchase a considerable amount of herbal remedies and supplements there’s something you need to know. The depressing fact is that just because a product is being sold that doesn’t mean it’s a great item. It’s a genuine challenge and it’s frustrating to weed through the inadequate products to obtain the good stuff.

To make life a little easier for you personally I’ve launched a report and video manual on searching for health supplements. It gives you a few ideas concerning how to spot a product that is risky, and just what establishes a good supplement. This right here can help a bunch of people. It goes even deeper speaking about herbal remedies, things to take for particular ailments and much more such as skin care. Oh and before I forget you with thankful to understand its 100% no cost.You can enjoy this guide by clicking on the hyperlink free report and video report to supplements.

How to Tell if Someone has Bronchitis

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I’m going to share with you how to tell if someone has bronchitis, what it really is, the major indicators involved, plus some alternative health tips which help. Like all living creatures individuals demand energy to live. Our entire body is run off of a thing generally known as ATP. This ATP stuff is comparable to gas in an automobile.

Oxygen is required to make ATP, and this is the reason why you can’t hold your breath for longer than 1-2 minutes without suffering. One of my biggest fears is in fact drowning and a short period of time ago I actually got licensed to scuba dive. The most frightening moment getting this qualification is when they take you to the bottom of the ocean. Then you’ve got to take your goggles off, turn your air flow off, and carry out all these survival tests.

Oh, and if you breath shallow or hold your air you may harm your own lung area, if that wasn’t enough. As expected whenever you face your anxieties you will feel fantastic about yourself and its empowering. What is your opinion concerning facing worries, and what’s the biggest thing you’re afraid of, please leave a opinion regarding this.

Once we take in oxygen it travels down these bronchial pipes towards the lungs. The lungs may be the second hardest working body organ inside you. They enlarge and also restrict around 20 times a minute, and whenever we are in love it will increase to maybe 30 times a minute, simply because we’re excited right?

Can you speculate precisely what the hardest working organ in the body is? Yes, it’s the heart. As you can possibly guess bronchitis occur in the bronchial tubes and it is a medical condition by which they become inflamed.

Are you aware precisely why sunburns and also zits can be red, and swelling in some cases comes about with an injury. It’s all due to a thing generally known as inflammation. Generally the human body endeavors to heal itself, however damages itself in the act. The fact is there’s a study at Yale School of Medicine that has connected inflammation to a loss of overall wellness, and an boost in getting older.

What causes this bronchial irritation is normally as a result of an infection of an unwanted invader. The inflammation is the body’s approach to cope with it much like a bump with a pimple and how the location will get reddish colored. Are you able to guess just what the # 1 signal of this condition is? Yep it’s a cough or specifically a continual cough that may last for days and nights. This is a consequence of one’s body trying to get rid of the unnecessary visitor just like a drunk annoying invitee at a social gathering.

The nasty mucus or snot in the nasal area is really a useful tool that traps negative things and keeps the liner of the nasal area and bronchial pipes moist. This dampness guards them just like a cork with wine. If a wine beverage cork gets dry oxygen may get in and harm the item, and that is why wine is kept sideways.

With bronchitis one’s body provides a lot of mucus to capture the harmful visitor and a common symptom quite a bit of this mucus departing one’s body. So a person could be coughing up white, yellow or greenish snot. It can be coming from the nasal area and could be awful, however is handy. This mucus may block the airway and tends to make respiration much harder.

You may possibly be wondering how do you differentiate between the flu and bronchitis? One way you may tell the difference is that there will be not much of a high temperature with bronchitis, typically. With a little luck after a few days the body will be able to remove the virus or bacteria. If the body’s defence mechanism manages to lose the battle things could easily get worse.

For instance you can start to obtain a high fever, the mucus could begin to look different or become bloody. The coughing along with pain in the chest gets really undesirable. I know that from time to time doctors may be highly-priced and it’s tough to determine when to get in touch with one and when to just permit the human body fight it off. My advice is to trust your internal voice, if you think for a moment you should visit a physician. Get in touch with one quickly and don’t wait.

Individuals most in danger of this medical problem are people who have inadequate immune systems, like the seniors and also the very young. Is it possible to speculate what another significant risk factor is? I’ll provide you with a hint it’s a unclean routine. No it’s not leaving behind messy dishes in the kitchen area sink, but smoking cigarettes. Cigarette smoking contains a lot of negative chemicals that not merely irritate the bronchial tubes and lungs, but harms them.

Other risks factors that you do have total control over would be breathing in a great deal of toxic compounds and protecting your chest from personal injury.

A really great idea that can help fight off this condition and prevent it would be by enhancing the immune system. The number 1 thing I recommend doing is actually to use a good multi-vitamin supplement. The reality is that if you’re short of merely 1 nutrient it really can do some severe damage to your wellbeing. Furthermore the food that is developed today simply doesn’t have the nutrients in it like it used to.

Furthermore living a nutritious existence by getting a good amount of sleep, consuming lots of water and eating healthy can help. Plus there are tons and tons of herbal solutions that supercharge your immune system such as Wolverine. Wolverine is a comic book hero that is certainly very difficult to get rid of and he heals himself.

Some examples of these herbal treatments would be black cumin seeds, garlic cloves, quercetin, olive leaf extract and Echinacea.

These herbal remedies I mentioned you can obtain within a supplement. Before you go out and purchase a tremendous amount to enhance your wellbeing it’s best to be informed of a few tips. One of these key points is that dietary supplements can sometimes harm you. In 2013 the esteemed Consumer Labs evaluated many of the biggest selling dietary supplements on retailer shelves and their conclusions were astonishing. Around 40% of the dietary supplements had wrong information on the label or had harmful contaminations.

Wow, that is extraordinary right? Having said this in the event you could find a great dietary supplement then of course it can be very beneficial to you, but the trick is getting a good one. To make your job easier since these products can be complicated, I have developed a no cost report and video guide on this topic. This guide shares 10 warning signs of a risky product. 8 ingredients normally found in health supplements to avoid. What’s more, it discusses things to take for certain illnesses and even fitness and skin care.

I think we both understand that this informative guide is incredibly useful and I could very easily sale it. The good news is that it’s totally free. Yep, you could be thinking I lost my head, and possibly I did. Take advantage of these tips, you don’t have anything to lose. You can learn more concerning this free guide by clicking on the web link free informative guide to buying dietary supplements.


How to Tell if You Have Tuberculosis

In this article I’m sharing with you how to tell if you have tuberculosis, how someone gets this condition, what it really does, and how to treat it. In the simplest of terms tuberculosis is surely an airborne transmittable disease that can kill a particular person. It’s actually the 2nd primary reason behind worldwide deaths to a contagious disease, and only AIDS wipes out more folks.

This disease has been acknowledged to mankind since the stone age going by a variety of labels including TB for short, the white plague and also consumption, because it appears to consume a persons wellness. When someone is infected and they cough, laugh and even talk the germs disperse in the air, which can last for hours infecting other individuals. Oddly enough the illness does not spread through touching a person.

The good news is that even if someone gets contaminated with these germs, they may not receive the sickness. This is because if their body’s defense mechanism is strong enough, it will fight off the invading germs. Sadly if someone’s disease fighting capability starts to get less strong the sickness can hit like a diligent assassin. Many people that have tuberculosis were afflicted months or years previously, but it only comes out when they are weak. In a way it’s the same as the genital herpes virus, which often can remain dormant and comes out whenever a person is weak as well.

There are in fact two kinds of infections because of this sickness. The first one is a latent TB infection and that’s when someone doesn’t have any signs and symptoms, and can’t spread the disease to other individuals. The next kind of individual has an lively TB ailment, and that’s when they have symptoms, the ailment is growing within their body, and they can distribute the disorder to other individuals.

Now the the signs of this illness really depend upon where it is in the body. Since it is breathed in the earliest signals normally have to with the respiratory system. If someone has a persistent cough that can last for weeks without symptoms of a cold virus, this may be an indicator of TB.

Other signals might be coughing up blood and chest pains whenever breathing in or exhaling. Continual exhaustion, fever, night sweats, a chill, and a loss of appetite are all common symptoms of this condition as well.

The bacteria gets in the bloodstream from a damaged tissue and may distribute anywhere, but seldom affects the pancreas or thyroid for reasons nobody is sure on. If it enters the actual kidneys it could cause blood in urine, feces and agony when peeing.

With the brain it might lead to irritation to the membranes that protect your mind ultimately causing head aches, confusion, a coma and also death.

If it reaches the bone fragments it could possibly bring about joint deterioration, fragile bones and pain. With the coronary heart it might result in inflammation around the coronary heart disturbing the ability of it to pump correctly leading to a myriad of problems, which includes death.

So to sum everything up tuberculosis is not a disease to be taken likely, and also the only way to truly determine if a person has this ailment would be by visiting a doctor, and getting some lab tests carried out. You can also know if you have ever been contaminated with TB by having a TB skin test taken at any time.

Anyone can get this sickness but there are risk factors that boost the chance of an individual getting it. A large one is HIV and the AIDS virus, which weakens the body’s defense mechanism and allows the germs to multiply. Other risk factors involve having bad health including being diabetic, cancer, poor nutrition, carrying excess fat, possessing old age or very young age and using a variety of drugs.

The areas on the planet with the most bacterial infections would be Africa, India, China, Mexico and regions of Russia. Once infected many people treat it by taking a variety of anti-biotics for a very long time. The danger is using weak medication or not enough could be that the illness accumulates a effectiveness against it, and this is called multi drug resistance or MDR – TB for short.

Now the best way to address this ailment will be to not obtain it in the first place. Once someone is ill their body harms itself in the process of planning to heal itself. This is due to inflammation, making free-radicals, from blasting intruders, along with the medication we take to recuperate.

If a person includes a very powerful immune system even if they come into exposure to somebody that is infectious with tuberculosis, they will not get the disease. You can improve your disease fighting capability just like you can strengthen muscle tissues. For starters eat a healthy diet plan and obtain lots of rest. Learning to deal with the challenges of life and not getting really stressed out is big for the bodies defense system. Perhaps because our minds our so powerful that it makes use of all the energy while we are under stress.

Ingesting a great deal of water helps because it gets rid of toxins out of our body and keeps our mouth area and eyes clean, repelling germs.

Next up would be not using tobacco or consuming a lot of alcohol. Also ensure your obtaining all of the nutrition you need. I suggest a good multi-vitamin because the food we do take in doesn’t always have the nutrition that it once had for numerous reasons. Finally there are a tons of herbal supplements that strengthen our ability to fight off harmful pathogens and viruses.

In a Harvard study individuals who drank 5 cups of tea for two weeks had ten times the virus-fighting interferon as compared to individuals who consumed a placebo beverage. Interferon posseses an capability to interfere with a virus’s ability to replicate, therefore it is perfect for this condition.

Other great tips may be black cumin seeds, olive leaf extract, quercetin and there are just a lot of other ones. I would suggest obtaining these herbal remedies in some form of health supplement form. The bad news with nutritional supplements is that government organizations just like the FDA in the United States do not really protect consumers from products that hurt folks.

This really is one of the reasons why I launched a guide all about the supplement world and searching for these items. This guide talks about numerous herbal remedies a person could be using, how you can recognize a good dietary supplement from a risky selection, and even more. Now I could easily charge for this guide, but I made the decision to make it free as a gift for enrolling in a weekly video newsletter about the subject of alternative health. You can look at this free guide by clicking on the hyperlink guide to buying dietary supplements.

Black Cumin and Asthma

Black cumin seeds can indeed alleviate asthma symptoms in various patients. In a nutshell asthma is a medical condition that negatively affects someone’s breathing. To truly understand how asthma is damaging it helps to understand the process in which someone breaths.

When someone breaths, oxygen enters through the mouth or nose and goes through the bronchial tubes so that it can enter the lungs. Once in the lungs it gets attached to little sacs called alveoli in which the average adult has about 600 million. These sacs then transport the air into the blood stream in which they travel to various cells and tissues that need it.

Where asthma comes in is that it makes the bronchial tubes swell, muscles tighten and mucus blocks the airway. This doesn’t happen all the time only if the person experiences something known as a trigger. This trigger can vary from weather, experiencing emotions, breathing in something or a whole bunch of other reasons.

As I mentioned one of the causes that a persons’ airways get restricted with asthma is due to something known as inflammation. Basically inflammation is when someone’s immune system attacks itself. It’s the main cause of arthritis pain and why pimples are red.

One of the ways that black cumin seeds can be of help is because it reduces inflammation. Less inflammation means less swelling in those tubes that help with breathing.

Another way that black cumin seeds can be of support to better breathing is due to something known as histamines. When someone has an allergic reaction this histamines stuff gets released by the body. One of the many nutrients in black cumin seeds is known for stopping histamine release and therefore reducing allergic reactions.

One point I would like to make is that not all asthma is caused by allergies but it’s one trigger and again many different factors can cause it. A third way that this all natural herb can be of assistance is by reducing free radicals.

Free radicals are cells that don’t have an even number of electrons so they look to steal one from another cell. Then the cell that experienced the theft wants to steal from another cell and it just spreads. So as you can probably imagine all of this is not healthy and contributes to asthma.

One ingredient in black cumin seeds called thymoquinone reduces free radicals and may even reverse the damage done by them. Keep in mind this herb has hundreds of helpful components which is why Muhammad the prophet said that it can cure everything except death.

This may seem farfetched but there is some truth to that saying. Black cumin seeds can help with heart disease, energy levels, cancer, boosting the immune system, skin care, brain health and the list just keeps going.

I take black cumin seeds in a supplement form just because it’s convenient and easy. There are a lot of good supplements on the marketplace that sell this nutrient and there are some not good products. To help you with the process of choosing a good product I have written a guide. This guide explains how to identify a bad overpriced supplement and of course how to choose a good one.

I talk about herbs, dosage amounts how to get the most benefits from a supplement and the role of the FDA in the U.S. This guide is completely free and to view it click on Free Guide.