Jimi Hendrix Room Full of Mirrors Book Review and Summary!

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Hello, In this video I want to talk about some of the most interesting parts of the book “Room Full of Mirrors about Jimi Hendrix.

As you can see it’s a big book, and it really is very detailed about his life. Some parts were very slow like the beginning, but there were some great stories.

My favorite was how he met Jim Morrison of the Doors and he ran up on stage saying a bunch of garbage into the mic and Janis Joplin hit him over the head with the bottle.

Jimi Hendrix ran into him again and Jim tried to join him on stage and Jimi Hendrix was like no it’s not going to happen

Interesting enough Janis Joplin died 3 days after Jimi Hendrix of a Heroin overdose and Jim Morrison 9 months after that of a Heart Attack.

Supposibly Jimi had sex with Janis Joplin at the Filmore bathroom when he first got back to the United States after his first trip to England that made him a star.

In the very beginning. Jimi was broke, super broke. His father had 6 fingers on each hand. And after being caught with a stolen vehicle well Jimi choose the military. And he liked the 101 airborne.

To get out he faked being homosexual. He started touring over the U.S. Playing in small places, broke.

Later he worked for Little Richard.

Nobody was prettier than little richard so Hendrix had to wear black clothes and at the end he just wore colorful clothes and stole the spotlight and then got fired.

When he went to England he became famous. In fact he covered Sgt. Peppers by the Beatles with the Beatles there and that took a lot of courage and he nailed it. Paul McCartney said it was one of the greatest honors of his career.

Jimi broke his guitar 1 time out of frustration from tuning and the crowd liked it. So he taped it up and kept on breaking it, then he progressed to setting it on fire.

He was very popular with white people. Not so much to blacks because he wore strange outfits, LSD was somewhat of a white persons drug. After Otis Reading he made that song “Sitting on the dock of the bay.” he was according to some people the first black musician where white women wanted his body.

Also Purple Haze probably was named after LSD, but when he went to his old high school Garfield High he said it was named after the school colors of purple and white.

Jimi was very horrible with money. As soon as he made it he spent it. He also felt trapped by his fame like if he had to play certain songs and keep entertaining people.

Room full of mirrors was his way to describe what it was like being a superstar like a room full of carnival mirrors that make you look big or small.

When it came to the Vietnam war he was all over the place, for it and then against it.

At Woodstock Jimi was the highest paid performer he made $32,000 and played for 2 hours. It was his longest show.

When Jimi went to Africa Morocco, he had a Tarrot Card Reading. The lady didn’t know who Jimi Was and the first card was Fame. The second card, can you guess what it was. Yep it was the death card and this naturally freaked Jimi out.

I don’t ever want to get a Tarrot Card Reading.

When Jimi went to Hawaii he was an actor for the movie Rainbow Bridge, he broke his dependency for Heroin. Jimi took many drugs.

Similar to Heath Ledger he died taking too many sleeping pills, mixing them with alcohol. He predicted 2 weeks earlier that he would not live to see his 28 birthday, he choked on his own vomit.

His estate went to his dad, which made him very rich due to the royalties. When his dad died, yep everyone fought over the money.

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What is Monosodium Glutamate – Hidden Benefits and Dangers!

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In this video I want to talk about what is monosodium glutamate or MSG for short what it is, the dangers and some hidden health benefits.

The truth is nowadays there is some weird stuff in our food. Something known as monosodium glutamate or MSG for short has some controversy around it.

So what the heck is it and is it safe to eat?

It really is a flavor enhancer that was first discovered in seaweed. The flavor enhancing effects comes from L-Glutamate and this amino acid is in vegetables and meat are bodies make it and it’s really abundant.

Monosodium comes from salt so it has salt in it and the glutamate comes from L-Glutamate,

However just like with anything such as gluten some people are sensitive to MSG and if that is you then you should stay away.

Symptoms included headache, muscle tightness, numbness/tingling, and feeling tired.

The good news is that the world health organization and FDA feel it’s safe plus there it offers some unique benefits.

One benefit that is probably overlooked is there are people who from medical ailments or prescription drugs that have lost a large ability to taste food.

If MSG brings back some of this taste, which it does then that is a huge benefit to these people. Of course it also helps us by improving the taste of food.

The CDC says that 9 in 10 Americans, consume more sodium than the recommended amount.

MSG has one-third the amount of sodium than table salt and using this instead of normal salt can help a person lower their salt intake.

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Neupogen Side Effects with 3 Alternative Medicine Which Help!

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In this video I’m going to talk about neupogen side effects as well as some alternative medicine that I feel you should be aware of. Before I get started there is a link below where I’m giving away a free video guide to dietary supplements and alternative medicine.

Neupogen is a drug that helps your body make white blood cells. It can be used in cases of chemotherapy, radiation treatment or any other type of condition that reduces white blood cells.

The good news that according to chemocare.com there are no common side effects with this drug. This means that there is a 70% chance that your not going to experience a side effect.

In 10 – 29% of people that take this drug could experience bone pain. This is because white blood cells are created in bone marrow. This makes sense. Plus there could be some discomfort around the area where the injection was.

Like any medicine the body could have a difficult time accepting it, like an allergic reaction. This could be a fever, rashes, uncontrolled bleeding, shortness of breath or a rapid heartbeat. If that happens you might want to stop using the drug.

More good news is that it’s a whole loss expensive than neulasta at around $200 per shot and multiple shots may be needed. Neulasta is around 3-7 grand a shot. Plus a company called Amgen Assist can help with money as well.

If your interested in this drug one herb that should be on your radar is astragalus. There are tons of studies that show it helps with cancer and recovery. For example in a 1989 study at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, patients with lung or liver cancer were given astragalus combinations during their courses of chemotherapy or radiation therapy; the one-year survival rates increased from 28% to 71%. That is a big number.

Garlic can help. In a 2003 study at the University of Llorin in Nigeria showed that when rats took garlic they experienced a significant increase in white blood cells.

Green Tea can help as well as ensuring your getting enough vitamins. For example zinc is connected with white blood cells. The American Cancer Society says that some studies have shown zince levels were lower in patients with cancer or leukemia.

In conclusion you might want to look at these other choices, which could be helpful even if it keeps you from a few shots of neupogen.

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I hope this video was helpful.

Motion Sickness Natural Remedies – Cheap and Easy Solutions!

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Today I’m going to share a few motion sickness motion sickness natural remedies that are cheap and easy. Any time you are in an object that is moving such as a boat or a car, you could get feel sick due to the motion.

Your body has all these different receptors that tell your brain that you’re moving such as the eyes, muscles, your skin and there is even some liquid in your ears that senses movement. What if one receptor doesn’t match up with another one? When this happens it leads to the body being out of balance and this is motion sickness or sea sickness, which are the same thing.

One motion sickness remedy would be to not to travel on a moving object. Of course if you have to travel a long distance, walking is just not going to do the job. If you have to travel on a plane, boat, car or train how do you not get sick?

Lucky for you a few good remedies can help. One of the easiest things someone can do would be to try to look out a window, get fresh air and try to stay as relaxed as possible by breathing deeply. There are also prescription drugs someone can take, but I really don’t think they are a good idea. Prescription drugs cause a lot of harmful side effects, as well as create free radicals as your body breaks them down.

One idea would be to take the herbal plant called ginger. How it works is that it helps improve the digestion system and this is great for not vomiting everywhere. It has been approved by the German Commission E, which reviews herbal remedies to help prevent motion sickness. In NYU Langone Medical Center there was a double-blind, placebo-controlled study involving 79 Swedish naval cadets. The result was that ginger did help with a few of the symptoms, such as vomiting and cold sweating.

Another herb that might aid in the symptoms of this condition is peppermint. It helps the same way as ginger by calming the stomach muscles to ease nausea and prevent the sickness feeling. The last herbal remedy I’m going to mention would be black horehound, which can also ease the stomach. You could take these herbal remedies as a supplement, make a tea out of them or sprinkle them on some food you are about to eat.

To sum everything up the top motion sickness natural remedies involving herbal medicine would be taking ginger, peppermint and black horehound. Other ideas that could help would be to look out a window when traveling, getting some fresh air and relaxing with some deep breathing.

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Achilles Tendonitis Supplement Treatments

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Today I’m going to share some good Achilles tendonitis supplement treatment. As the legend goes Achilles mother grabbed Achilles by the heel and dipped him in the river Styx. The man was invincible everywhere, but that heel. Ever since that story people use the Achilles heel to relate to a deadly weakness in spite of overall strength.

The Achilles tendon is one of the longest tendons in the body. It is located between the bones of the heel and the calf muscle. Like everything in life, including the human body if you abuse something it will break down. Achilles tendinitis usually happens when someone abuses this tendon. An example of this would be if you haven’t played basketball for a long time and suddenly start playing it a lot. Due to all the new pressure and stress you’re putting on the tendon there is a good chance you can get this health problem.

The bad news is that it could take months for the tendon to fully heal. Most people included myself all want the quick fix or the 1 trick that will do the job. The best way to quicken the healing pace would be to get out of the way of the healing process. This includes trying to stay off the injury as best as you can.

Next you can reduce the inflammation and this will help ease the pain of the injury. Inflammation is when the body tries to heal an injury, but ends up damaging healthy tissues and cells. It’s the main cause of pain with arthritis and isn’t good. You could ice your foot as well as keep it elevated to help with inflammation.

Another idea would be dietary supplements, such as omega 3 fats. Omega 3 supplements offer a wide range of health benefits, they are very inexpensive, reduce inflammation and this also helps with the pain. Next up I would like to recommend turmeric, which reduces inflammation and is very popular in South Asia. Someone can take the spice orally through a dietary supplement, or it could be mixed into a paste and applied to the wound.

Also I would highly recommend a good multivitamin supplement. Ensuring you’re getting all the vitamins and amino acids will really help increase the speed of healing. Lastly I would endorse glucosamine. Medline Plus believes the body uses it in the building of tendons, ligaments and cartilage. As you can see it could be helpful in speeding up the recovery time of the injury.

To sum everything up the leading Achilles tendonitis supplement treatment involving dietary supplements are going to be omega 3 fats, turmeric, a multivitamin and glucosamine.

Almost everyone wants to speed up the healing with an injury and reduce the pain. This article is going to share 4 dietary supplements that are going to help with this problem.

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Plantar Fasciitis Warning Signs

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Today I’m going to share with you the top plantar fasciitis warning signs, as well as some alternative medicine that can treat it. In your body you have something known as ligaments which attaches bones to other bones. Its job is to keep structures together, almost like glue. They are similar to tendons, but are different because they attach muscles to bones and there job is to help with movement.

The plantar fasciitis is a ligament that attach the heel to the toes. One of its main jobs is to support the structure of the foot, as well as absorb the pressure and stress that we put on our feet. This ligament is designed to take some abuse, but just like everything it has a breaking point. When this breaking point is reached it could lead to injury and what do you think is the most common symptom of plantar fasciitis?

Yea there is going to be pain in that area. In fact this condition is the most common reason behind pain of the heel. The pain is most often felt right after you have been resting your foot. Say for example right after you wake up from a long sleep, the first few steps you take are going to be painful. Then after you have been walking for a little bit the pain might start to go away.

You might also experience agony in the heel region if you put a lot of pressure on the foot through running, playing basketball, tennis or any other high impact sport. When it comes to treatment there are many different options that you can choose and I recommend letting the body heal itself on its own. One idea would be to avoid putting pressure on the ligament if possible. This includes staying off your foot and not doing a lot of walking if possible. You could also try to ensure you have good shoes with cushions inside them.

The pain from this injury is from the inflammation and reducing it can help. You could ice your foot to reduce the swelling as well as taking omega 3 fats. You could get omega 3 fats through fish; however there are a few dangers to eating fish and do you know what they are? Yep fish usually have mercury as well as toxins that are not good. This is a reason a dietary supplement can be a great choice.

To sum everything up the top plantar fasciitis symptoms involve pain in the heel region, increased pain when exercising and the first time you put pressure on your foot after resting it. To treat this condition you could stay off your injured foot, ice it and take omega 3 fats.

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Psoriasis Diet

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Today I’m going to be talking about the ideal psoriasis diet, and some more ideas on treating this condition. Just so we are all on the same page psoriasis is a long term health problem, where too many cells are created on a patch of skin.

The result is that the skin could look silvery, hard and whitish in color. There is still a lot of mystery surrounding this disease, but the immune system is a prime suspect along with Mr. T cell.

I’m picturing one cell with a bunch of gold around his neck like Mr. T from the American show “A Team.” The immune system overreacts leading to swelling and a speedy creation of skin cells resulting in this condition.

Sadly once someone has this disease there is always a chance for it to come back and flare up, similar to a cold sore. The good news is there are things someone can do to reduce the likelihood of it coming back.

One of the best things someone can eat if they suffer from psoriasis is to eat fish and seafood. The reason why it helps is because a lot of seafood has omega 3. This healthy fat is known to reduce inflammation, which is a huge reason for the symptoms of this ailment.

Can you guess what the bad news with eating fish is? Fish usually has something known as mercury, which is harmful to the brain. It also almost always contains other contamination’s and poisons. This is one reason why consuming a fish oil supplement is a great choice.

However, all is not lost in the land of food because vegetables also have anti-inflammatory abilities. This includes spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes and broccoli.

Next up is whole grains like brown rice and oatmeal. The reason they help is because they can improve blood flow, reduce inflammation and they have fiber.

Now that we have talked about what you should eat, let’s talk about some of the worst foods for psoriasis. Alcohol, Tran’s fats, red meats, dairy products, sugar and heavily processed foods all can increase the chance of a psoriasis flare up.

Lastly if someone has this condition they really should consider dietary supplements and herbal remedies. Supplements can provide a lot of antioxidants, reduce inflammation and can be really great for health.

The dark side to supplements is that they can be confusing and possibly cause harm. To make things a little easier for you I’ve made a report and video guide about these products. This guide shares 10 things someone really should be looking for when buying supplements.

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Cradle Cap Treatment

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Today I’m going to be talking about some good treatment for cradle cap as well as what this condition really is. Cradle cap is a condition that is fairly common in babies as old as 3 years of age.

What happens is that whitish or yellow scales appear on the skin of a baby, which could alarm and worry a parent.

Usually these scales appear on the head, but they really can show up anywhere. Contrary to what some people believe it’s not contagious or reveals the baby has been treated badly.

Unfortunately the smartest people in the health industry are not sure what causes this condition. One theory is that it’s brought on by an overproduction of skin oil. Another idea is that a type of fungus can be a culprit.

The interesting thing is that our skin is our first line of defense for harmful germs. It also has an anti-bacterial substance on it this way we don’t turn into the swamp thing. Our immune system gets stronger by defeating germs and bacteria and then learning from that.

This is why if you get the chickenpox when you’re young you probably will not get it again. Maybe this is a reason babies get this condition because they haven’t had enough time to develop a resistance to this fungal infection.

The good news is that this condition usually goes away on its own. You may also read on the internet that you could manually remove the scales or rub a dandruff shampoo on the area and I really don’t think that is a good idea.

This really comes down to an eastern philosophy of medicine, letting the body heal itself and supporting it, compared to a western philosophy which is more about drugs and surgery.

Picking away the scales is almost like popping a pimple. Yes it can be extremely tempting, but it can scar the skin. Just let the body do its thing and heal itself. Dandruff shampoo could irritate the skin as well.

If you are going to use any type of oil I would recommend coconut oil. Its anti-bacterial anti-fungal and is very good for the skin. Also you can eat the coconut oil unlike the shampoo.

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Earache Remedies

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In this post I’m going to be sharing with you a few earache remedies and some ideas on preventing this problem. Before I get started let me ask you have you ever been scuba diving before or have you ever been on an airplane?

If you have you most likely have experienced an ear earache before. This is all due to something known as pressure. The way to relieve this pain is through decompressing or by squeezed your nose, closing your mouth and breathing out.

This will change the pressure and thus lessen the pain and discomfort. You might be wondering about times you have an earache when not in a plane or diving beneath water right?

There are a lot of culprits that could be causing this problem, but a big one usually is an infection within the region. Around you right now you have billions of germs where many of them want to harm you.

Do you know what is keeping them at bay? Your skin for sure helps, but your immune system is critical to this process. If one of these germs, it could be a bacteria or virus starts to reproduce in the ear area, it could lead to infection. The body brings about the inflammation process that tries to heal the injury, leading to pain.

The best remedy really is to support your immune system to blast this invader to tiny pieces. This includes something like drinking green tea. One Harvard study showed that people who drank 5 cups of black tea for 2 weeks experienced 10 times more interferon that people who just drank hot water, but were told it was tea.

The reason interferon helps is because it interferes with a virus’s ability to replicate. Oh and don’t forget to place the hot tea bag on the ear. The warmth can help.

Another idea is by using various herbal remedies like ginger, garlic and onions. Eating them does boost the immune system but you can even make a paste and apply inside the ear.

Apart from an infection someone’s ear can hurt due to ear wax buildup. When you have a cold one of the symptoms is a runny nose. The reason for this is so the mucus traps foreign invaders so they can be expelled. This is the same reason we have ear wax.
Sometimes this ear wax can get lodged in the ear, blocked it and thus creating the pain. To remove the ear wax you can try flushing the ear canal with warm water or using over the counter medicine.

To prevent this earache from eve occurring due to an infection why not just have a strong immune system? Can you imagine how much good this can do you?

Believe it or not there are tons of dietary supplements and herbal medicine that can turn your body’s ability to fight off infections and germs like Marvel super heroes. Shopping for these supplements and herbs can be as confusing as finding your way around a foreign city on vacation.

To make things easier for you I’ve created a video guide on this topic. This video guide goes over what someone should look for with herbal remedies, supplements, what to avoid as well as other alternative medicines.

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Leprosy History

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Today I’m going to be talking about leprosy history, and what this condition really is. Leprosy or Hansen’s disease is a bacterial infection that grows very slowly. In fact it could take 2 to 10 years before any symptoms even develop.

Can you guess why this disease is called Hansen’s disease? A Dr. from Norway called Armeuer Hansen was the first to see the germ under the microscope. This was a huge finding because prior to this many people felt that this ailment was caused from angry gods, it was hereditary or some other strange reason.

Nobody really knows how long this bacterium has been plaguing mankind, but it has been a while. The earliest proven case was verified by DNA in a tomb next to Jerusalem dating back to around 1 to 50 CE.

Now if you’re wondering what CE means it’s Common Era, the same thing as AD, which is after the death of Jesus. BC or before Christ means the same thing as BCE or before Common Era. The truth is that this disease probably occurred much earlier.

If a person was diagnosed with this ailment they were often separated from the rest of their society and shunned. One of the worst parts of the disease was that it creates skin lesions, so it’s not easy to hide the fact you have the disease.

After Dr. Hansen’s discovery from the early 1900’s to 1940’s many doctors would inject oil from the chaulmoogra nut into patients with this ailment. This remedy did work for some people, but over the long run nobody knew what the side effects were.

So about this time the medical community is starting to experiment with various treatments trying to find the ideal one and a breakthrough occurred in the 1950’s.

Around this time a drug called Promin did successfully treat the illness, but the bad news was that it required a ton of injections that were very painful. Next came something known as Dapsone pills that worked much better.

However there was a big problem and it’s similar to what happens to some antibiotics, can you guess what it was. Yep, the nasty bacteria built up a resistance to it. Nowadays many people feel that something called MDT or a multi drug treatment, which is a combination of 3 drugs is the best approach to fighting this ailment off.

Apart from these drugs it doesn’t hurt for someone to build up their immune system to fight off unwanted invaders. There are many ways to do this, but one great way is through using dietary supplements and herbal remedies.

The problem with these products is that they are mystery to many people, and it’s unregulated in many countries. This really means that it’s easy for companies to make poor products that can actually harm people.

Due to this I created a free video guide and report on shopping for supplements and herbal remedies. It talks about the main things someone should look for in a product, what to avoid as well as other additional alternative health ideas.

Now if you’re worried that this product is going to end up costing you a ton of money, well don’t be. The best part is that it’s entirely free, so why not take a look at it? You can learn more about this guide by clicking on the link free guide to supplements and herbal remedies.