Resveratrol Rewards

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In this article I’m going to share the leading resveratrol rewards and what this substance really is. This alternative medicine is apart of a plant compound known as polyphenols. Polyphenols are a kind of chemical that in theory may protect against some health problems and possibly certain aging effects.

It was uncovered in 1939 by a Japanese man named Gao Gang. It wasn’t until the 1970’s when scientists really started to look at this plant for health rewards, after discovering grape vines produced this stuff after getting infected with a fungus.

In 2003 this herb really started to get noticed after Sinclair and Howitz revealed that it could extend the life of yeast by around 70%. Other studies have shown it to enable worms and flies to live longer by 30% and can extend the life of fish by around 60%. One of the theories on how it does this is by activating the SIRT- 1 gene. Once this gene is activated it creates proteins that protect cells from inflammation and oxidative stress, both which contribute to premature aging. The bad news is that it hasn’t been proven to affect humans, but there is a really good chance that it can.

Another really interesting thing that this substance may be able to do is help fight off cancer. Cancer has to do with a damaged cell and resveratrol has the ability to prevent free radical and inflammatory damage to a cell, which could prevent this disease. Even better news is that it could fight off cancer if someone has it. In a study at the University of Missouri 44 percent of melanoma cancer cells were destroyed by the treatment of cancer.

Another really cool thing that this nutrient can do is help with heart disease. There was a clinical study published in the April article of The American Journal of Cardiology where 74 people were divided into 3 groups. One group took a placebo pill, another group received just resveratrol and the last group took grape seed extract with no resveratrol.

The result was that at the end of 12 months the group that took this substance experienced a significant decline in inflammation, as well as something known as PAI-1, which reduces the chance of blood clotting and a reduced chance of heart disease. Since this substance directly impacts cells the rewards don’t stop there because it could affect skin cells, the immune system, vision, mental sharpness and even endurance.

To sum everything the 3 leading resveratrol rewards include enabling someone to live longer, fighting off cancer and preventing heart disease.

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Alfalfa Rewards

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In this article I’m going to share with you the leading alfalfa rewards that are proven to work and a few speculative health rewards. Alfalfa was first used around the country of Iran around 6 thousand years ago. Then it started to migrate around the world and was commonly used to feed livestock, such as horses and cattle.

Some people call it the father of plants. Maybe it’s because the roots can grow 30 feet into the earth soaking in tons of vitamins and minerals. This brings us to the first benefit and that is it has a ton of vitamins and minerals. These vitamins also provide antioxidants, which are helpful for a number of reasons. Denham Harman created the theory that free radicals damage health and when a person consumes more antioxidants it prevents this damage. Free radicals can cause aging, wrinkles, damaged organs and maybe even cancer.

Next up alfalfa has been proven to help someone’s cholesterol levels. There was a study published in Atherosclerosis in 1987 involving 15 people with high blood cholesterol levels. They were given 40 grams of alfalfa seeds three times a day for 2 months. The result was that cholesterol levels decreased by around 17% and LDL cholesterol, which clogs up arteries decreased by around 18%. What is really interesting is that the patients were monitored when they stopped consuming alfalfa and their cholesterol levels increased.

The reason why cholesterol is so important is because it a huge contributor to heart disease, which is the number 1 reason to death. Also, if someone has too much LDL cholesterol it will inhibit blood flow and this will negatively affect whatever organs that need that blood.

Unfortunately, other rewards of this plant is really speculation. There is some folklore that it can help the digestive system, yet there are not any clinical studies that prove that it can. There are also some rumors that it may help with blood sugar levels, arthritis, the urinary system and asthma, but there isn’t solid evidence that it can help. Perhaps in the future scientific studies may prove that this plant can provide additional rewards and that would be a good thing.

To sum everything up the leading alfalfa rewards is that it contains a lot of vitamins and antioxidants. These antioxidants can stop free radical damage to organs, skin cells which may prevent cancer and enable someone to live longer. There is also evidence that consuming this plant could reduce a person’s cholesterol levels and LDL cholesterol, which improves blood flow and prevents heart disease.

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Boron Advantages

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In this article I’m going to share with you the leading boron advantages and what this substance really is. Boron is a trace mineral and this means that your body needs it to function, but it only needs a small amount. Apart from health, humans have figured out all kinds of advantages for this mineral. For starters the mineral it is lightweight and strong, do you see what this can be used for? Many advantages such as the aerospace industry.

It can be used in pyrotechnics to create a greenish color, it can help make glass, semiconductors, detergents, rocket ignition and it can even be used as a barrier for radiation in the control rods of nuclear reactors. This mineral was even used as a food preservative in the late 1800’s and up until world war 2. Now I am going to guess that you are really interested in the advantages of boron when it comes to health and why some multivitamins have this mineral right?

One of the greatest benefits to this mineral has to do with keeping bones strong. One of boron advantages include boosting hormones and positively affecting how other minerals are used, such as calcium. There was a study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine involving 12 women between the ages of 48 and 82. The women in the group that took a boron supplement experienced reduced loss of calcium and magnesium, which reduces bone loss.

Next up boron has been known to help with the painful condition known as arthritis. In the Journal of Nutritional Medicine there was a study involving 20 patients. Half of the patients were given 6 mg a day of boron, while the other group was only given a placebo. The result was that five of the 10 people that took boron experienced positive results, while only 1 person in the placebo group had improved arthritis symptoms.

Next up boron is used by the brain to help people with thinking, solving puzzles and remembering names. According to the United States Department of Agriculture in Grand Forks North Dakota 3 clinical studies confirm that low levels of boron contribute to a lower brain frequency activity. Born was also shown to improve things such as attention, eye-hand coordination, short and long term memory.

To sum everything up boron is used in the aerospace industry, as a food preservative, to make glass, pyrotechnics, detergents, semiconductors, rocket ignition and in nuclear reactors. When it comes to human health boron has been shown to help with bone strength, arthritis and mental performance.

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Kiwi Rewards

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Today I’m going to share with you some of the major kiwi rewards and what this fruit really can do for someone. If you had to guess which country do you think has discovered the most herbal remedies? From green tea to ginger even kiwi fruits were first discovered in China. By the mid 1800’s it began to grow in other nations and some people called it the Chinese gooseberry.

Apart from its yummy taste that many people enjoy this little fruit can really provide some health rewards. One of the rewards that you may be surprised to learn about is that it can help someone with sleep. Most of us live fairly stressful lives with all the work we are juggling, technology and the 24 hour news cycle. 22 women and 2 men who suffered from sleeping problems participated in a study at Taiwan’s Taipei Medical University.

The patients consumed just 2 kiwifruits 1 hour before bed for 4 weeks and the results were very positive. The amount of time it took for the patients to actually fall asleep decreased by around 35%. They also slept more soundly and the amount of time spend in wakefulness after going to sleep fell by nearly 30%. Sleep quality also improved with the kiwi fruits and scores for this improved by around 42%. Lastly, the time in bed actually sleeping compared to just lying in bed increased by around 5%.

Next up Kiwi fruit can actually repair DNA damage. The DNA of a person is the blueprint for human life. When DNA gets damaged it can weaken organs, cause wrinkles, possibly even cancer and is a big reason for dying of natural causes. By actually repairing DNA, humans can slow the degeneration of health and enable someone to live longer.

The University of Oslo did a study involving 6 men and 6 women. Half of the participates received no kiwifruits and the other group received 1 kiwifruit to 30 kg of their weight. Scientists then gave the test patients peroxide to induce damage to their cells. The group of patients that consumed kiwis showed an improved ability of the DNA to repair itself. This protective effort also lasted 24 hours.

If that wasn’t enough this fruit helps the heart and cardiovascular system. The Institute of Nutrition and Health Science in Taiwan did a study involving 12 men and 30 women with high cholesterol. For 8 weeks they were asked to consume 2 kiwi fruits a day. The result was that there was an increase in HDL cholesterol, which is the good kind that unclogs arteries. There was also a decrease in LDL cholesterol, which is the unhealthy kind.

More good news is that kiwis can help with diabetes, skincare, it can lower blood pressure, help with constipation, vision and even the immune system. Apart from eating the fruit you can also take a dietary supplement.

To sum everything up the leading kiwi rewards include helping with sleep, DNA repair, heart disease, diabetes, skincare, digestion, vision and even the immune system.

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Pomegranate Fruit Advantages

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Today I’m going to be talking about pomegranate fruit advantages and how it can help with 3 popular ailments. In case you don’t know pomegranate is a fruit that has a dark red color. Most fruits with dark colors are going to be very good for you, due to all the antioxidants.

In a study by the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of California Los Angeles researchers compared the antioxidant levels of many polyphenol-rich beverages. The juice that got first place was from this fruit.

Pomegranates have a hard outer layer similar to a watermelon and only the inside or seeds are edible. You could even put the seeds on top of a salad to add flavor to it.

Heart Disease

One of the biggest problems facing the world is heart disease. In fact it’s the number 1 killer in America. There was a study by the American Institute of Cancer research involving 45 patients with heart disease. Researchers split them into 2 groups. 1 group drank 8 fluid ounces of pomegranate juice daily for 3 months and the other group did not. The result was that the group that drank the juice had better blood flow to the heart than the group that did not.

Apart from improving blood flow this fruit may reduce hardening of the arteries as well as stop plague from forming up inside the arteries.


Diabetes is a massive problem that is growing. One way this fruit helps is due to the high levels of antioxidants that protect the inner lining of blood vessels from the destruction that free-floating glucose cause.

According to study published by the British Journal of Nutrition the juices from this fruit may improve insulin sensitivity and reduce the risk of getting type 2 diabetes. There are also some studies that show it can reduce the severity of liver disease with diabetes as well as damage to the cardiovascular system.


If that wasn’t enough this fruit could help with the scary C word and that is cancer. Researchers at the University of California have discovered that the juices of this fruit that inhibit cancer cells from traveling and it can cause cell death.

To sum everything up you should buy this fruit and start eating it. Apart from these ailments it can help with blood pressure, anti-aging, skin care, the immune system and even with DNA protection. There really are tons of other pomegranate fruit advantages and you can even get the benefits through a dietary supplement.

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Inositol Rewards – 5 Reasons to take a look at this Nutrient!

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Today I’m going to share with you the leading inositol benefits, what this nutrient really is and if the supplement is worth getting. Inositol is sometimes called vitamin B8, but some people don’t recognize it as a vitamin. The reason why is because the body can actually create it from glucose. Since glucose is everywhere you can see how some people feel it shouldn’t be a vitamin.

You might see this nutrient in a supplement form at a grocery store or being sold on an internet site and wondered if it was worth getting. Let’s look at a few reasons how it can help a person.

One benefit of this nutrient is that it can improve hair growth. How it helps is by creating something called phospholipids which are known to create hair follicles. Plus it can slow something called hyperandrogenism which creates hormones that contribute to hair loss.

This nutrient could also help with cholesterol levels. Considering that heart disease is such a big killer this is great news. In a study published by Experimental Biology and Medicine in 1949 researchers confirmed it could reduce cholesterol and lipoprotein levels.

One of the largest problems growing in developed countries is diabetes. When someone has this health problem they can develop something known as diabetic neuropathy, where nerves become damaged. Health researchers have noticed a loss of this nutrient in a nerve that is damaged, so the theory is that by adding the nutrient it could help the nerve.

Another way inositol can be beneficial is with people suffering from depression or a mood disorder. People with these disorders have been shown to have low levels of this nutrient. According to the National Institute of Health researchers gave 12 grams a day of this nutrient to a group of patients suffering from depression. Another group of people suffering from the same disease was given a placebo. After 4 weeks it was noted that the group that took this vitamin had significantly greater improvement than the placebo group.

Lastly, this vitamin might help protect someone from cancer. According to MSNBC a small study found that 6 out of 10 people that took this vitamin returned abnormal cells back to normal, which may have preventing cancer. More research is needed of course, but it does look promising.

More good news is that the potential negative side effects and risks are very minimal. Someone possibly could experience a headache, an upset stomach and nausea. There have been no reports of drug interaction with this nutrient as well. In conclusion the risks are very low and there are some great benefits that can be gained, and this means it’s probably a good investment depending on the manufacture of the supplement.

To sum everything up the 5 inositol Rewards are.

-Improving hair growth
-Normalizing cholesterol levels
-Helping with diabetic neuropathy
-Improving mood disorders
-Protecting someone from cancer

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Leptin Supplements

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In this article I’m going to be talking about leptin supplements. I’ll share with you what they are, what they do, and provide some ideas on similar supplements.

Leptin is a hormone and this means that it travels around the body telling other stuff what to do. Almost like it’s a manager within a manufacturing plant. The interesting thing is that this leptin stuff is actually created within your stored fat. I bet you envisioned stored fat like a garage filled with useless stuff right? The job of leptin is to travel to the brain and tell it how many calories are being stored for a rainy day.

What do you think would happen if leptin didn’t do it’s job properly? Yea, someone would eat too much or eat too little. It’s just like the gas gauge in your automobile.

When this hormone was uncovered around the 1990’s scientists were jumping for joy. Many of them had a theory that if you just gave people who were overweight more leptin it would travel to the brain and tell it to stop eating food.

Perhaps this was the root cause on the obesity crisis assaulting modern countries. Websites started popping up, and right now there are about as many websites selling leptin as there are cats in a retirement community.

The problem is that if you give leptin to a person it doesn’t help them lose weight or do any good. There is an extremely tiny majority of people in the world where there bodies don’t make any leptin and in that case a leptin supplement is helpful.

However, for the vast amount of people taking this hormone will not help them, unfortunately. The good news is that there are better options when it comes to supplements for weight loss.

The important thing to remember is that at the end of the day someone still needs to consume less calories than they burn off to lose weight and there is no miracle pill, but some can help. One of the best supplements someone can take is a multivitamin. The reason it helps is because when someone has the essential nutrients they need they will not go into survival mode to get these nutrients.

Scientists from Lavall University found from a study that people who had good vitamin and mineral levels in their body had an easier time managing their appetite.

Other supplements that can help with weigh loss would be anything that increases metabolism. Metabolism enables someone to burn off more calories doing less work. This is the reason why young kids can usually eat more food and still remain thin.

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Spirulina Benefits

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In this article I’m going to reveal the major spirunlina benefits and some tips on getting it! It’s no surprise that eating plants can give you some tremendous benefits. Just look at many of the antioxidants you can get through some of them.

It turns out that spirulina is a plant which grows in fresh and salt water. Indeed this plant does have a lot of antioxidants, but it has many other advantages that you will want to know about.

It also has high amounts of omega 3. The reason this is so important is because the majority of people don’t get enough of this essential fat. If someone is deficient in omega 3 it can lead to problems of the heart, skin, eyes as well as the brain.

Sure someone can get omega 3 though fish, but oftentimes they are contaminated with mercury, which isn’t very good.

Next this plant has a lot of anti-inflammatory abilities. To some people that last sentence makes about as much sense as hitting your toe with a large hammer to kill an ant.

Inflammation is when the body attacks itself and is the primary reason for pain with arthritis. It’s also a huge reason for the aging process, wrinkles on skin, ailments as well as other health problems. To put it in simple terms inflammation harms things.

If this wasn’t enough spirulina has a high amount of chlorophyll. The reason this is good is because it can assist with eliminating impurities and toxins, while improving the chance of someone defeating an unwanted virus or bacterium.

Next comes all the nutrients this plant has. Apart from the fact it contains all the essential amino acids it has tons of other vitamins and minerals. Amino acids really are important to building cells, muscle tissues, brain functions, energy and a lot more.

The reason essential amino acids are essential is because your body can’t make them and you need to get them through food.In conclusion spirulina is one of the best plants you could consume.

Sure someone can get spirulina through food, but I recommend a good dietary supplement. One reason is that it’s easier for the plant to become less potent, with the shipping and storing process. Secondly there is an increased chance of it being contaminated. Contrary to what you may think not all supplements are created the same. In many countries dietary supplement basically police themselves and this makes it easy for companies to make crappy products.

It’s almost like a sports game with no referees it will probably increase the chance of someone cheating. To make things easier for you I have created a report with a video guide on the process of buying dietary supplements and herbal remedies.

This guide goes over the top things someone should look for with these products. It also shares tips with shopping for herbal remedies and even goes over alternative health ideas like detoxes.

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Aloe Vera Juice Side Effects

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Today I’m going to talk about the major aloe vera juice side effects that could hurt you.

Throughout history healers have recognized this powerful plant. Heck, there is even a legend that Alexander the great conquered the island of Socotra just to secure a supply of this plant. Wow, do you think that is true? It does sound like something that could have happened.

We all know that treating sunburns and wounds with aloe vera can help speed up the healing process almost like if you had super powers. Other possible uses could include moisturizing the skin, helping the immune system, improving digestion and eliminating toxins.

Unfortunately like with almost everything in life there is a dark side to it, and that is the aim of this article. The biggest risk really is if you grew the plant from home and extracted the juices naturally.

The reason for this concern is a substance known as (AL Oin), which is a yellow substance found on the outside of the plant. The good news is that if you purchase aloe vera juice from a company they nearly always remove this juice and therefore it’s safe. Hopefully they remove it right?

If you ingest this aloin material it highly induces bowel movement, creating diarrhea and stomach pains. More bad news is that electrolyte imbalances will take place. Now, electrolytes are minerals in your system that have an electric charge. Maintaining a good balance assists with your body chemistry, muscles and other reactions.

Some side effects of this imbalance could bring about weak muscles, irregular heart beats, feeling fatigued, confusion and tingling in the hands or feet.

Also aloin can bring about uterine contractions, so if a woman is pregnant she really should steer clear of aloe vera in general to be safe. It’s not worth the risk!

Another side effect of applying the juice on the skin is it’s photo sensitivity affects. This really just means that it makes the skin more sensitive to sunlight, sunburns and possibly damage from the sun.

The last side effect I’m going to talk about is it’s negative interaction with some prescription drugs. I think all prescription drugs can interact negatively with something, and usually this includes the body. Hey, it’s true they bring about nasty side effects as well as create free radicals.

As you can see there are many more advantages to taking this herbal remedy than there are dangers, but it’s good to know the risks.

If you are going to use this juice it’s best to buy it from a reliable manufacture and if applying it to the skin, don’t go out in the sun. Lastly, do not take if your pregnant and talk to a physician if your taking a lot of prescription drugs.

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Ginger Root Benefits – That You Should Know!

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In this article I’m going to be talking about the main ginger root benefits, as well as tips on how to get it. When I hear the word ginger, the first thing that pops in my mind is ginger bread cookies. My mom used to make them when I was a kid.

Many histories believe that ginger was discovered in India then traded all over Asia. The earliest written document about this herb was around 2000 BC in China, and it talked about the many healing abilities of this plant.

This is one of the many reasons I like herbs because they have been used for thousands of years. Prescription drugs on the other hand are really new, and maybe 100 years from now we will discover even more dangers to using them. Oh, and pharmaceutical drugs have nasty side effects, cost tons of money, and create free radicals that can cause cancer, aging and disease.

One of its most famous benefits to human health has to do with digestion. Sure a little constipation, diarrhea maybe some stomach pain is annoying, but having good digestion is key to good health.

In fact the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Nutrition feels that nearly all diseases are caused by digestive problems. Wow, do you believe that statement? It could be true, since what we eat and how we digest it contributes so much to our health. It’s sort of like the saying we are what we eat.

The next major advantage to consuming ginger root is that it strengthens the body’s immune system. If this system slips up for a tiny second, it could lead to some real problems, and this is why it’s so important.

For starters this herb destroys unwanted bacteria like hitting an egg with a sledgehammer. In a study done in 2011 by the Journal “Annals of Clinical Microbiology” this herb plus garlic and lime took down a bacterium that antibiotics couldn’t.

It also fights viruses, cleans our body’s sewage system, and helps with congestion. All this stuff improves our ability to fight off unwanted invaders.

Another really nifty benefit to consuming ginger root is that it makes people smarter. You show me one person that doesn’t want to be smarter and I’ll show you a dumb person. According to a 2012 study by the journal of “Neuropharmacology” this herb prevents brain cell damage, and reduces the chance of brain diseases like the dreaded Alzheimer’s.

It is very sad to see a person forget the faces of friends and loved ones. When they leave the house and forget to put on their pants that could be sort of funny. There really are tons of other advantages to this herb, like it reducing inflammation, helping the heart, fighting cancer and even helping with weight loss.

You could easily apply ginger to food, but sometimes this isn’t easy especially if a person eats out a lot. Another great option would be to take a supplement. Supplements can be convenient, easy to take and offer so many advantages. Of course there are many risks involved like some of them being of low quality, and actually doing harm.

What if there was a way to severely limit the risk with supplements, would you be interested? Lucky for you I have actually created a free report and video guide on this topic. It talks about how to identify a good supplement brand from a risky one.

This guide goes over herbal remedies, what to take for certain medical problems as well as other strange alternative health ideas. Oh, and if you’re worried it’s going to cost a lot of money, you will be pleased to know it’s free. You really should check it out and to learn more click on the link, free video guide to supplements.